What else you need to know about the garden design?

What else you need to know about the garden design?

We from the Trendomat editorial team endeavor to show you always new picture examples for beautifully designed and properly maintained outdoor areas. We also try to motivate you to make your own garden even more attractive and inviting.
Today we would like to present you some important gardening tips from experts in the field.
What do leading garden designers say?
All experts in the field of garden design advise to find the answers to five key questions before our garden planning. Your answers will guide you on the right path to an elegant, yet practical garden design that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

What do I expect from my garden?

This is a real starting point. As with all design projects, you should focus on what's new in your garden design. To be clear and to better structure your ideas, you must first answer the following questions:
Who will use the garden? What would be necessary for me and my family there? What do we need in the outdoor area? Here you must consider your own needs and priorities. How about an entertainment area for family and friends? Or do you need an extra play area for the children? Is a paddling pool and some garden swings necessary for their outdoor entertainment? Or do you want to grow and grow your own vegetables? Do not forget the play and relaxation zones when planning your garden for the first time!
Need safe areas for pets or toddlers? For the safety of your privacy, you must include fences or other security in your plan.
Do you need to protect your privacy from prying neighbors? Or do you want to create opportunities for good through traffic? Be sure to consider securing your own outdoor space while gardening.

What is the style of my house design?

When designing your garden, you must also consider the architectural style of your home. Make sure that your garden design complements and matches the style of your home so that they are both in perfect harmony. Think about whether your style is more formal, minimalist or traditional and indigenous.

What do I expect from my plants?

Garden flowers and green plants decorate the garden. They can provide practical solutions for privacy screening or noise reduction. However, the plants are usually the real stars of the garden. Their color, texture and shape bring beauty and variety in the outdoor area. So you have to worry about the garden planning, whether you prefer to have flowers or deciduous plants in the garden.
Your choice is influenced by whether you would prefer a low maintenance and low maintenance garden or do not want one. A garden does not have to make high demands regarding its maintenance and care in order to make a strong statement. However, some passionate gardeners prefer to have easy-care, short-lived plants in the garden.

How strongly is my garden exposed to different outdoor conditions?

Your garden is open to all elements. Make sure your plants thrive in their environment. You must consider the solar radiation, the wind directions and the rainfall when planning your garden. Choose your garden plants according to your type of soil and according to the local climatic conditions, so that they can thrive best.

What would I focus on?

A good garden design has an eye-catching or a series of eye-catching elements. This is the simplest principle of garden design that you apply everywhere. Try to include in your garden design, slave items, interesting-looking garden plants, water features, fire pits, garden benches or other seating. Would you like something special in the garden? Then think of decorative elements, parasols and awnings, an outdoor screen or a green, vertical wall - all of which will always be in the focus of the interests of your friends and relatives. It makes your garden design unique and attractive.
We wish you a good success in your garden planning and design and many pleasant hours outdoors!

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