Wall decoration: chic, minimalistic, universal

Wall decoration: chic, minimalistic, universal

See these unique, wall-inspired designs inspired by the American style and draw more and more creativity for modern living ideas!

Wall Deco Ideas Hats Mountains Poster

Hats as decoration accessories

This idea seems unique at the first sight. Furthermore, you can show some rows of hats by hanging the most worn models at eye level. Arrange the pieces additionally by color.

Tapestry carpet runner ethnic pattern modern blue

Small tapestries with eye-catching patterns

This tradition may have existed since the Middle Ages, but that should not bother you. The texture and the beautiful pattern create a great eye-catcher in the room and spice up the interior right away.
Affordable carpet runners look wonderful as a wall decoration. They are vertically mounted in rooms with high ceilings, horizontally in small, wide rooms.

String wall decoration flowering branches shabby chic romantic

Stretched cord with flowering branches

This nail salon has the right idea: simple yet stylish, the branches on the interior pretty. The leather armchair and the wooden floor give the room a charming retro touch. By the way, a string would make a real statement here.

Willows trays round wall design country style

Natural looking cups and trays

The combination of wicker trays and small seaweed baskets adds a Bohemian flair to the living room. For the best visual effect, you could count on the same shapes and different sizes.

Nursery wall design ideas butterflies paper white

Wall sticker made of paper in 3D format

These numerous butterflies were intended for the nursery. The figures provide a great light and shadow game, so they turn into the light turned on in lustful comrades. The monochromatic look does not stand out too much against the wall, but at the same time creates a filigree dimension.

Wall Decoration Triangles geometric mustard yellow olive green turquoise

Geometry in wall design

A creative approach allows you to spice up bright white walls. Wall colors like turquoise, mustard yellow and olive green were always in demand when designing the wall. This compilation looks brave, trendy and sets a desired variety in scene.

Fruits poster pineapple modern white pink

Wall Mural Fruits

Such a motif will certainly spread good mood in the dining room! At the same time it could further inspire us to eat healthier. Do you dream about the warm summer at this sight? Does this photo wallpaper remind you of eating delicious fruits?

The soft colors are completed with this device.

Accent wall hallway design sign number modern

Accents wall design in black and white

Located in the corridor, the personalized wall design welcomes your guests. Selected decorative items such as the number 4 (number of family members) and other ethno motifs reveal much about the inhabitants. Again, the different sizes of the accessories are varied. Furthermore, you could put family photos or souvenirs on the cabinet.

Galaxy All Wall Sticker Round

Astronomy poster

Do you like watching the night sky? Forget the stressful everyday life with our next idea!
Add a gorgeous accent like this to your living room! A wall sticker could depict alien galaxies and wide stars and still look homely. With such a wall motif one experiences the magic and the beauty of the universe every day.

Accent wall retro diamond shape wall decoration

Geometric shapes in retro style

Daring and unique, this design appears on the accent wall. Just above the chest of drawers and decorated with ethnic patterns, the rhomboid shape looks playful and effective.

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