Walk-in showers bring a special spa feeling

Walk-in showers bring a special spa feeling

Again, you can not achieve a luxury feeling in the bathroom, even though you are simply investing a lot of money. There is no absolute requirement or guarantee that you will create exactly this effect. The luxury experience in the modern bathroom is mostly achieved by pairing minimalist forms and natural inspiration.

Does that sound too abstract? Let us explain with some examples what exactly we mean by that.

luxury bathroom

A luxury feeling in the bathroom is desired by many people, but still difficult to reach

  • Fashion trend - round walk-in showers


Round forms in the bathroom are currently very trendy

The round shape is considered one of the most harmonious in nature. A larger bath would benefit greatly from this solution. You thereby achieve flowing transitions between the different zones, a lot of transparency, interesting mirror effects. All this ensures a luxurious feeling with minimal costs. In addition, you save on tread.

When installing the round shower you would have to carefully choose the placement. The other main elements in the room should be evenly spaced. This is very important because that is how the circular walk-in shower looks as a central element from which visually all the lines in the room go out.

Frameless glass shower, decorated with wood

glass shower

Wood emphasizes the refinement of the glass

The frameless glass shower provides transparency, provides plenty of light and spreads the space visually. In some bathrooms, it can make the atmosphere too cool and sterile. This is avoided by the decoration of wood and the design of some functional elements made of this material.

walk-in shower

For a particularly lifelike effect, you can also integrate natural part.

glass-shower partition

... or his imitations

Ground-level shower without any frame

In some bathroom floor plans, the shower finds its natural place in a niche or other architectural form. In this case, we would completely abandon the glass panels.


Consider the creative possibilities of lighting

The demarcation of the shower area is not just the natural forms. You can also succeed by other methods, such as the separate ceiling lighting, specific wall cladding or the integration of a seat.

Once you have clearly defined the zoning, you should weld the bathroom design together with corresponding decorative elements. Let your imagination run free - this purpose can serve you well - from bath towels in the same color to artificial plants.

Do you have room for a small tropical forest?

Do you have a lot of space in the bathroom? You do not necessarily have to use it purely functional. Leave room for a large aquarium where you can plant tropical plants. Ideally, they should be real, so they clean the air in the bathroom. A natural stone flooring can provide a unique spa feeling. You can match the walk-in shower and the remaining bathroom area with green plants. So you have the feeling that you are showering in the tropical forest.


A spa area is certainly an unrealized dream for many people

Luxury lighting effects

You can achieve the luxury effect through a room design with materials that imitate the shine of the precious materials. We recommend that you only equip a few accent areas and provide a functional division.

Let's summarize: What makes the walk-in shower so suitable for achieving a luxury feeling in the bathroom? This is safe and easy to use. This is a good basis for the realization of original and nature inspired ideas, which ensure the actual spa atmosphere in the room. No matter how elaborate you go in terms of design, minimalism should prevail on the whole. And this is the most appropriate style for modern luxury.

The simplicity is also very practical, because it makes cleaning a lot easier. Ultimately, walk-in showers have less constructive elements and fewer opportunities for breakage and damage.

floor-level-shower-mosaic tiles

A bathroom where comfort and sophistication prevail

So the walk-in showers are very suitable, if you want to experience pure relaxation and at the same time want to recharge with new energy.

dream bathroom

A dream bathroom, where everything is impeccable!

bath-and-shower zone

If the practical sense is your first priority

walk-shower-bathroom design ideas

All in white and flooded with light



walk-in shower with glass-

floor-level-glass shower enclosure Tiles

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