Vintage wallpapers: Ideas that give your space uniqueness

Vintage wallpapers: Ideas that give your space uniqueness

Nothing " adorns " the living design better than this gorgeous wall covering. Let us convince you!

The wallpaper design looks back on a rich history. It spans from the 14th century to the present day. From the romantic floral pattern to the meaningful colors of the retro look to the simple Scandinavian style, the vintage wallpapers make for an impressive room look. You can even say that there are emblematic vintage wallpapers for every era. With such a magnificent clothing you need no more jewelry on the wall!

The refreshing floral pattern, often enriched with ornaments, has many followers. Whether creating a wall as a visual highlight or beautifying multiple walls, this enchanting pattern not only suits the shabby chic or bohemian style, but also most of the interior design styles. To create a beautiful effect, you can decorate an accent wall with vintage wallpaper and skillfully integrate colors into the decor. This creates a harmonious whole in the interior design.

Floral Design Beautiful Living Vintage Wallpaper Ideas

Flower pattern on the kitchen wall - is not that adorable?

Living room retro ideas floral design vintage wallpaper ideas

Living room decorated with chic floral pattern wallpaper

The varied design options let your imagination run wild. It is possible to completely decorate a room with vintage wallpaper and pair it with the furniture. In our photo, the wall covering fits perfectly to the red bamboo chair and creates an extraordinary ambience ,

Wallpaper living room oriental bamboo chair red dresser chandelier-vintage wallpaper ideas

Dining room with oriental bamboo chairs, red chest of drawers and beautiful chandeliers - in the background on the wall you can see a great wallpaper with interesting patterns

Vintage Wallpaper with Leaves Theme Beautiful Living Vintage Wallpaper Ideas

Vintage wallpaper with blue for the toilet

These vintage patterns have a unique look and can do wonders in interior design. Each room can thus be transformed into another world, e.g. Many butterflies can flutter in the nursery. Small dreamy motifs such as flowers create a pleasant atmosphere. In this way every room has its own character.

Nursery designer wallpaper vintage wallpaper ideas

Nursery designer with wallpaper in vintage style

Ideas with wallpaper bedroom vintage look pink floral design vintage wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper in soft colors and vintage look for the bedroom

We hope we helped you with your wallpaper choice. If you want an individual solution, you can design your wall with your favorite photo, e.g. with a great landscape shot. So you have your personal vintage wallpaper. Would you dare to do that? Which vintage wallpapers from our collection would you like to decorate your home?

Ideas With Wallpaper Designer Look Vintage Wallpaper Ideas

Ideas with wallpapers in designer look

Designer vintage wallpaper chandelier red chairs floral pattern vintage wallpaper ideas

Designer vintage wallpaper, combined with a wooden wall in the dining room

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