Vintage furniture knobs as lovely home accessories

Vintage furniture knobs as lovely home accessories

We should all strive to find pleasure in the little things in everyday life. This applies in particular to those who choose carefully selected accessories and plan the use of the available living space to the last detail.
Furniture knobs - that is something tiny and insignificant, some could object. Yes, but these little things are also important for the overall look of our furniture. Although they are stylish and casual, they have always played an important role in interior design, giving the furniture the finishing touches. In addition, lovingly selected vintage furniture knobs give your rooms a special touch.

Hardware Nickel Furniture Handle Vintage Atlas World Map

For adventure there are great furniture handles with a world map motif

Drawer handle animal shape motif glossy

Decorating animal motifs for the simple white desk

These small home accessories can be found in all imaginable shapes and colors. Thus, depending on your personal preferences, you can achieve a nostalgic flair or a strong effect with vintage furniture handles. Replacing old buttons with new ones is uncomplicated and fast.

Cabinet knob agate stone fancy retro

Beautiful, coordinated arrangement with magnificent agate stones

Made of porcelain and glass with a high-gloss finish or with a robust, slightly used look, the selection of furniture handles can be as exciting as buying a new piece of furniture itself. Do you have a treasured, inherited piece of furniture? Add a unique touch with the beautiful vintage furniture buttons.

Cabinet furniture knobs concrete look cork rustic

Vintage furniture knobs in concrete look for a touch of nostalgia in the home design

Where do you locate vintage furniture buttons? Of course, at flea markets. This would be the most affordable option, followed by online stores and antique shops. Nowadays you can browse numerous websites and come across unique designs. The furniture handles are even categorized according to the style of the home: rustic, shabby chic or Scandinavian.

Furniture Knauf Vintage Birds Motif Ceramic

Handpainted ceramic furniture handles would be perfect in the country kitchen

Furniture Handle Bronze Finish Vintage Used Look

Charming vintage furniture handle in used look for the kitchen cabinet

Buffet cabinet handles brass diamond crystal shape

The metal handles are among the popular, eye-catching home accessories

The traditional, round furniture knobs can be both glossy and wooden rustic. Brass is often used to beautify.

Furniture knob handle brass shiny

Elegant furniture handle as accessory for the freshly painted chest of drawers

Cabinet door handle detail wood look bright

Subtle, restrained variant of furniture handles in wood look

The furniture knobs can be plain and plain depending on your personal taste, or luxurious and elegant like the agate stones.

Dresser white drawers knob agate stone

Agate stones as drawer handles provide a beautiful, unusual effect

Today, more and more furniture with handle-less fronts are sold, but there are modern variants with a compact handle shape and modern profile.

Furniture Door Knob Shabby Chic white decorated

Pretty painted furniture knobs for the Shabby Chic interior, decorated with floral patterns

Drawers door handle vintage porcelain white blue red

With vintage furniture handles beautiful accents are set in the decor

Cabinet handle brass small design possibility

With the small details to achieve a great effect

With the right furniture handles you can spice up any living space. Drawers, cupboards and doors can be effectively decorated with little time and effort. What may seem like a triviality, is actually thoughtful and detailed!

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