Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability triumphs

Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability triumphs

Sustainability - an attitude that has become a lifestyle trend. She has already entered many areas of everyday life and now wants to move into the fashion world. The constantly changing trends and must-haves are contrasted with exploitation, waste of resources, pollution and the greenhouse effect. Upcycling is the name of the sustainable challenge. Fashion should become an expression of one's own identity, trends should be pushed into the background or even interpreted and imitated. You see in it the end of the fashion world? No! Embroidering, sewing and ironing will be the new fashion! That is too complicated and expensive for you? Elisa Black shows in her E-Book that this is not rocket science. Promised!

Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability wins 1

Upcycling is not rocket science, but a trend in fashion.

What is upcycling?

Behind "Upcycling" hides the even more sustainable version of recycling. Old, broken, no longer beautiful things and clothes are not simply disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, instead they are breathed new life. Europallets transform the interior and glasses become lampshades.

Upcycling helps you avoid garbage and save valuable resources. An alternative in the fashion sector would be donating clothes or bartering parties.

Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability wins 2

Sewing, knitting and ironing are currently very popular!

What can upcycling be in terms of fashion?

The short answer: Everything. Upcycling reaches its limits only where your imagination reaches its limits. You can:

  • Repair your clothes

Socks socks, cover holes, close seams and the broken part is like new again. But how about tying the torn shirt with the beloved but erased neckerchief? This creates unique garments and you are more sustainable with your fashion than closing holes with purchased patches.

Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability wins 3

You can even repair and personalize your old clothes.

  • Individualize your clothes

The basics shirts can be a brash saying with colorful yarn and you have a cool trend part. Sequins on the jeans and ruffles on the sweater? No problem! Dare!

Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability wins 4

Give your old clothes a second chance!

  • Breathe new life into your clothes

"The new pillow cover is so beautiful!", You want to hear something like that, but do not buy a new one? Then you will be creative! What can be new from your unworn clothes?

Upcycling brings out unusual and unique designs and the best thing about it is: No matter what you want to do with your clothes, you do not need any prior knowledge and the effort will be minimal.

Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability wins 5

You'll definitely need it for your upcycling ideas!

What you need for it?

Upcycling is a sustainable craft that does not need much. Most of you will already have at home:

  • Clothes that you want to process
  • Beautifying materials (buttons, sequins, ...)
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • pins
  • tape measure
  • sewing machine
  • Iron

Most important, however, is your imagination! However, if you have no ad hoc ad hoc creative ideas for handling your clothes, you can rely on platforms like Pinterest or be inspired in fashion magazines.

Why is upcycling sustainable?

Upcycling reduces waste, eliminates environmentally harmful chemicals and uses less resources. By upcycling you set a sign against exploitation and consumer delusion. And by the way, you also save yourself a lot of money.

As you can see, you can not lose anything by upcycling, on the contrary: you gain experience, save money, help nature and man with your step to more sustainability Nature and man and will be guaranteed one or the other compliment. Just try it!

Upcycling in the fashion sector - sustainability wins 6

Fashion upcycling and sustainability go hand in hand.

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