Unsurpassed bathroom facilities and their strong sides

Unsurpassed bathroom facilities and their strong sides

In the blogosphere, you are constantly coming across irresistible living examples. If we briefly introduce ourselves, the living room would make the first impression, the bedroom would be our hiding place, what significance would the bathroom have then? The bathroom defines the luxury level of an apartment. It has the opportunity to regenerate us physically and mentally. With this in mind, we show you bathroom designs with unique contemporary designs that will push you more than ever to bathroom renovation. Here are the photo examples:

Bath tub wall cover antique look

Unique wall cladding with a mirrored surface is a real eye-catcher

Bathroom bath panel floor uniform

The uniform tub and floor coverings are particularly effective

A wall in antique look is immediately noticeable in this design. The contrast between the mirror-forming wall, the coarse surface of the dark tub paneling and flooring is a unique solution. This bathroom would not need additional decorative objects, it looks so exciting at first glance.

Bathroom design freestanding bathtub partition wall mirror

Minimalist bath in white is divided by a mirror partition in two areas

White is chic and luxurious. White facade, free-standing bathtub and spaciousness - what else could one wish for? Usually, many things accumulate in the bathroom. This is avoided here. Coordinated choice of materials and classic details come to the fore, though the overall appearance is extremely calm and elegant. To the favorite room in the house this bath could change fast.

Bath raised marble sink

The dark materials in the bathroom design create a sophisticated, unique atmosphere

This two-tone bathroom design was achieved with the help of high-quality marble. An optical illusion is at stake here: where are the boundaries between the individual elements? The shower can be discovered behind the imposing partition. The generous wall unit is incognito above the neutral sink. Big, heavy and still comparatively hidden.

Bathroom Design Wood Fronts Shower Cabin Retro

We get a slightly exotic, old-fashioned look with this successful bathroom design

The transparent partitions are a great visual complement in the bathroom: with little effort and effort you get two completely different areas, between which a seamless transition stands. The compact bathroom can thus be spacious, airy and perfectly presented. Of course, the white and light gray shades come to help.

Bath luxurious copper look tile strips

Bathroom with strong expressiveness: who would not want this luxurious design

Another unconventional idea. Adding the accent to the shower cubicle creates elegant designs. A play of light in copper look is created on the floor, while the tile strips radiate a timeless elegance. Bathroom with sophisticated luxury feeling.

Bath pattern geometric minimalist

Horizontal elements offset the look of the high ceiling

A combination of various patterns peps up the monotonous room. Changing shapes in the wall design and mint green accessories create a minimalist modernity.

Small bathroom design wood fronts mosaic floor

A mosaic floor adds the desired flexibility to the bathroom design

The small bathroom with a generous window has been transformed into a modern retreat. Perfect lines, nostalgic wooden floorboards and interesting-looking mosaic floor create an impressive sense of space and create an exciting visual contrast to the bright color.

Bathroom design wall covering wood

The mix of materials and colors make for an eclectic bathroom design

Accent wall can be designed not only in the bedroom, but also in the bathroom. A natural wood paneling brings warmth into the room. The simple wooden boards have the same structure as the shelf. Incidentally, the wall paneling lets the ornate runner look right at the place in the otherwise upscale bathroom.

Bath minimalist tinted recessed spotlights

The modern, minimalist bathroom design is achieved with the help of small decorative items

As one hears from the favorite crime series, the little things are crucial. In the home design, this means that small details are effective. The patterned mat, the discreet recessed spotlights, suspended initials and picture frames make the room really stand out.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of interior design ideas and trendy bathrooms. The way to modern facilities is shorter than you think.

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