Unique pallet furniture homemade

Unique pallet furniture homemade

Environmentally conscious people appreciate the value of natural building materials and see nature as a true gift. If we wish to continue to enjoy their goods, it is our duty to protect the natural resources, and to choose the recycling of the materials as a clear message against the throwaway society. This is where upcycling comes in as a means of choice when it comes to producing new and high-quality products from useless materials. The recycling of wood in Euro pallets is not only a brilliant idea to preserve nature, but also a great way to design impressive and unique design. The wooden pallets provide an excellent opportunity to modernize your home and garden. Take a look at these 10 DIY ideas that show us how to make new and stunning old wood products.

Pallet bed under-bed storage rustic style

Sturdy pallet in rustic style with practical under-bed storage space

This rustic-style pallet bed is large and sturdy and, with its under-boxes, is a great way to store bedding and linens. The structure of the pallet boxes made of Euro pallets allows a fresh air supply to the bedding.

Double bed europallets elegant white relax calm

Cozy double bed made of Euro pallets in elegant white

This cozy double bed made of Euro pallets in elegant white invites you to rest and relaxation and hides a surprise. You could pull the double bed apart and make two single beds out of it.

Interesting design bed headboard made of pallets

Interesting design for bed headboard made of pallets in different sizes and shades with lighting

A bed head part gives the feeling for protection and security. Take a look at this interesting design of a bed headboard made of pallets in different sizes and shades. The bed lights on the two sides of the headboard find a practical application.

Rainbow design console table pallets

Rainbow design in soft colors for console table made of pallets

PalletBar uncomplicated lighting

Uncomplicated palette bar with lighting for the garden self-made

Pallet coffee table rolls

Flexible mini coffee table made of pallets with rolls in bright white

Garden bench pallets rainbow design

Garden bench made of pallets in rainbow design in cheerful colors, equipped with storage box

Pallet wood decoration

Pallet wood decoration with mason jars as wall vases, sunflowers and bows

Charming pallet decoration table

Charming pallet decoration table behind the sofa with candles and pictures

Pallets computer desk

Elegant pallets computer desk with hairpin metal legs

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