Unique cutting boards that make cooking fun and add a personal touch to the kitchen

Unique cutting boards that make cooking fun and add a personal touch to the kitchen

Cutting boards can definitely say a lot about their owners. From the tradition of butcher blocks to the practical, modern and very light models has actually gone a long way. Today it seems like a cutting board is an indispensable kitchen accessory, it could even have a fancy shape and serve as a decorative highlight in every kitchen. In our post we have just collected cutting boards that are just as good for cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs. The models are not only made of wood or plastic, but also made of bamboo, solid wood, marble or a mixture of many other materials and are available in any shape and size. Take a look at our long list of these incredible kitchen gadgets and consider whether you do not want to make your kitchen stylish?

A flock of birds on a dark blue cutting board

a-gaggle-on-dark blue-cutting board

A flock of birds on a navy blue background always looks romantic. This flair can be imitated on your cutting board. This creates a lovely coaster or maybe a cheese board?

A sink sieve and cutting board in one

a SINK-to-wire and cutting board-in-one

A great combination of the sink strainer and chopping board

Expand your kitchen workplace with this eye-catching combination of a sink strainer and chopping board. Very simple and practical yet clever, right? If you have a pretty small kitchen, such a multifunctional helper is super useful, but also attractive!

A corner cutting board, but this time in a round shape

eck cutting board

A corner cutting board in a round shape - a great idea and a useful thing for the small kitchen

Small kitchens can be effective from a corner chopping board like this one on the picture. This cutting board is almost 4 cm thick, has a weighty and robust appearance and you can cut any products small. The edge is also useful and makes the board stable while working.

Chopping board in country form:

cutting board-in-country shape

For real patriots ... or as a gift!

Here is a special cutting board shown in the shape of the United States. You could even do that yourself, in the form of your home country or a specific federal state. That would a nice gift for a happy traveling friend.

Chopping board shaped as a maple leaf

cutting board-as-maple leaf-shaped

What are you watching? A maple leaf maybe?

The natural lifestyle has many aspects. Here is an insider tip for those who observe and admire the beauty of nature. A chopping board in a particular shape, shaped like a maple or linden leaf for example, can express your personal commitment to nature conservation.

Fish-shaped cutting board:

fish-formiges-cutting board

Great idea for your cutting board - does not it look like a fish?

The perfect combination of rustic and modern, this quirky fish-shaped cutting board is for heavy chopping , At the same time it is attractive enough and you can put on small snacks and present them in this way. Each board is carved by hand, made of mango wood and Indian rosewood.

Turtle cutting board:

schildkrote-cutting board

A little turtle in the kitchen?

An unforgettable statement piece, this one s mango wood chopping board has metal details to complete the turtle chopping board. Metal elements can be seen in every kitchen, they complement the interior. So, metal is just right on this striking cutting board!

Wooden Cutting Board with dish

Timber chalets-cutting-board-with-teller

You can easily cut everything on this special board! It goes straight to the plate!

Easily push your ingredients into yours Plate or directly into the saucepan with this innovative wooden board. The shape is extra thick and the weighty beech wood material ensures durability.

cutting board with integrated knife sharpener

cutting board-unit integrated-razor-sharp

If you want to sharpen your knife when working in the kitchen

Every housewife wants to make sure their knife always safe and sharp. The integrated sharpener is made of ceramic, making it ideal for steel blades (but not for serrated or ceramic ones!).

Bamboo Cutting Board with Storage:

bamboo cutting board for filing with-

On this cutting board you can work with some products at the same time

cutting boards With accumulation systems are becoming increasingly popular, and this is probably the most robust model we've ever seen. Keep your fruits and vegetables separate and tidy! Two of the containers include sealed lids to keep the products fresh.

A cutting board made of wood and sandstone

cutting board-of-wood-and-sandstone

On this cutting board made of wood and sandstone, you can even cut warm products easily

Now here is something whole other. This cutting board is particularly heavy and thanks to the robust sandstone construction can withstand incredible temperatures.

Marble cutting board:

marble-cutting board

A highlight in your kitchen - the cutting board made of marble!

Although marble Known for this, over time and when cut daily, the knife blades become dull. In addition, the marble surface is not suitable for processing acidic ingredients thereon. But such a marble cutting board is an amazing eye-catcher in the kitchen. And on that you can easily make dough rolls!

Have you already selected your favorite item? Which cutting board is your favorite?

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