Travertine, resin and a pinch of fantasy

Travertine, resin and a pinch of fantasy

How long do you have to wait for your long-awaited vacation? Even before you can see the blue sea, let us introduce you to the Lagoon table in sea optics. Does the piece of furniture simply not create the same relaxing effect in you as your holiday destination with a wonderful sea view?

Designer side table Lagoon look travertine resin

Lagoon living room table in travertine and resin in marine look

Coffee table marine look unique robust

Unique design, filled with the colors of the sea

The artist Alexandre Chapelin is behind this creation. It is questionable if his goal was to offer us a trip to the Caribbean? But the designer did just that.

Artistically designed table sea blue

The artist Alexandre Chapelin emphasizes the preferences and preferences of each individual

The magical table made of natural stone travertine in the lagoons look was created from a coarse piece of natural stone. The material is eroded into columns of different depths. Finally, the construction is gradually filled with resin to give the authentic color of the seawater.

Production of handmade natural stone resin

Careful manual work: Each table is designed according to the individual wishes of the customer

Each copy is made by hand. In this way, the uniqueness is guaranteed, says the artist. "With respect to the people, their differences and character types, the side tables will decorate each interior in an original way," adds Chapelin.

Fantastic piece of furniture luxury designer table

The designer table up close

The French table maker "La Table" enjoys great popularity because of this living room table. The tables belong to the model series Lagoon 55.

Piedestaltisch limestone sea optics blue beige

Together with the marble, the robust travertine belongs to the limestones

The dreamlike creation now adorns the houses of adventurous, nature-loving people. Are you one of them too?

Design living room table marine optics

The side tables in lagoon look conquer all hearts by storm

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