Tradition meets modernity - unusual ideas for festive Christmas stockings

Tradition meets modernity - unusual ideas for festive Christmas stockings

Make your mantelpiece festive, cheerful and yet very special with these creative ideas for

The white season is here and so we enjoy longer coffee hours at home, try healthy peppermint recipes and think more often of our Christmas decoration. In the run-up to Christmas you can decorate your mantel with colorful stockings so that it looks as modern as you are. We know the well-known Christmas stockings from Santa Klaus, an old tradition, which is maintained again and again every year. But in today's article, we show you where tradition and modernity meet and form a unified whole. Yes, we are dealing with creative, even unusual ideas on how to decorate your own home with colorful and self-designed Christmas stockings, introduce a somewhat exotic touch into the ambiance and emphasize the festive mood there. Stay tuned and learn more about it!

christmas stocking-mantel

Express yourself in an unconventional way your desire for a quick sea vacation!

Precisely because little snow has covered the earth, this does not mean we can not dream of a little more sun and a blue sea even in the cold. See this beautiful stocking and be inspired! Create such a unique and express clearly your holiday wishes! Speaking of which, you can now travel over Christmas and visit warm countries and exotic places. You have so many options!


Two great stockings in black and green are in visual harmony with the cactus underneath

The houseplants enchant us with the green color of their leaves, with their delicate flowers and bring new freshness into any living room design. The natural beauty of the cactus and the money tree can be paired with the extravagance of unusual Christmas stockings in red and black and achieve a WOW effect. Especially if you add red pompons! Do not these cute stockings look like the cacti on the little table?


Christmas stockings that everyone likes

Pineapple, watermelons and strawberries - oh my goodness! A surprisingly fruity addition to your festively decorated mantel! But do not forget to leave a little message for Santa Klaus so he does not put the chocolate brown sweets anywhere else!


Bring exotic flair in the Christmas decoration

We have already mentioned, the exotic does not have to be omitted from the house design in winter. Colorful parrots are always a great eye-catcher. Why are not they allowed to decorate the Christmas stockings? You can make such stockings from old wallpaper remnants and then proudly flaunt them. Pretty elegant and very clever, right?

saver-christmas stocking-in-oriented

Classic and traditional, but especially striking! Beautiful Christmas stocking in white and beige, great decorated

Here it looks classic and traditional! A Christmas stocking in white with a subtle pattern in sand color and magnificent red and white tassels is undoubtedly eyecatching! Do you remember the colors of the past summer or your last holiday by the sea?

glittering-christmas stockings and white

Shine and glitter on white Christmas stockings

Nothing reveals the Christmas mood better than some shine and glitter, right? On these stockings you can sew, knit or embroider some monograms and you can be sure of your success!

christmas stocking-navy

Stockings in navy blue provide a new tin of exoticism in the Christmas decoration

Do you already know the Indonesian design technique called Batik? This can help you a lot to create unique Christmas decorations yourself. Use saturated indigo tones when designing your Christmas stockings and hang them on the mantelpiece. They radiate so much freshness that your party guests will definitely talk about it. Or you would all be planning your next holiday by the sea in December?

christmas stocking

That's a direct hit! Classic in red with great embroidery! A stocking that everyone wants to have!

If you are looking for an imaginative, whimsical and magical stocking, just coming from a fairy tale, you have hit the bullseye with this Celtic velvet stocking!

Christmas Decorations small-stockings

Six little stockings, decorated very well, steal the show!

These cute stockings are decorated with small gemstones and colorful ribbon and can easily make miracles in your Christmas decoration.

small Christmas Stocking

If you like to knit, this idea is for you! Knit two colorful stockings and show them!

Add a little retro flair to your winter decoration this year. What was once considered old and named can arouse attentiveness and curiosity today. Can you knit? Then in less than a week, you would finish this eye-catching stocking and complete your chimney piece.
How do you like the idea? Well then go! Get down to business and enjoy a wonderful Christmas in your festively decorated home!

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