Tips and Tricks: Give Your Corridor High Style

Tips and Tricks: Give Your Corridor High Style

With the right design of your hallway you ensure a pleasant transition to all rooms.

Especially in the hallway you can bring a little more style. There are other possibilities except wall decoration and great tricks to spice up the appearance of the entrance area. Do you want to try something new? For example, you can use pattern and texture to create interesting combinations and impress your guests as you enter your home.

A fabulous wallpaper and a striped runner completely transform the otherwise listless corridor. You could even drink your morning coffee on those stairs - do not you think?

Wall murals and striped runner-corridor interior ideas

Wall murals and striped runner

A subtle streak on the wall can also add to the chic style. This two-tone example is a self-runner! For a modern flair you choose more daring colors.

Subtle vertical wall strip-corridor interior ideas

Subtle vertical wall strip

Do not hesitate to put on pattern wallpapers for a room freshening up! In the corridor, the pattern does not become annoying over time, because you spend little time here.

Pattern wallpaper-corridor interior ideas

pattern wallpaper

A floor, with tiles laid diagonally in the checkerboard pattern, makes the room visually larger and more elegant.

Checkered pattern corridor interior ideas


The texture comes to the fore in this photo: the unprocessed lumber, the wall paneling, the orderly presentation of family photos. The neutral wall palette balances the overall impression.

Lumber wall paneling Family photos corridor interior ideas

Lumber wall paneling and many family photos

In this photo, a great herringbone pattern adorns the chic hallway. If you are in need of a refurbishment, this pattern is a great way to design this space. It can be distinguished from other floor coverings and serves as a transition between the rooms.

Herringbone seamless transition corridor interior ideas

Herringbone pattern ensures a seamless transition

Do you also want to achieve an unexpected effect? Why not try to pair the wooden floor with a wooden ceiling? The horizontally built-in wood makes the corridor look wider. through vertical insertion - longer.

Wooden floor and wooden ceiling-corridor interior ideas

Wooden floor and wooden ceiling

If you do not want to make any big changes, try something inconspicuous. The subtle patterns of the painted beams lead guests through this quiet corridor.

Hallway hallway subtly painted beams corridor interior ideas

The hallway appears subtly with the painted beams

Did you try one of these ideas yourself? Let us know!

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