These modern kitchen pictures convince you of the design in black!

These modern kitchen pictures convince you of the design in black!

The modern designers basically tolerate the white color as the right one for the kitchen design. Black is also suitable for an effective design. The following ideas should be enough to convince you.

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Traditional kitchen design with momentum


The eternal duo black and white

But the black color is often enough to achieve an eclectic swing. This effect would be very easy in a minimalist design. All you need is an accent area in that color.

Modern-style monochromatic kitchens from the 20th century

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Does this kitchen look too dark?


Put black accents in a white kitchen

"Browse" through the kitchen designs from the middle of the last century. There you will find many successful examples of furnishings in black and white. They always give an elegant and upscale look.

Color blocking with black

If you want a decidedly modern kitchen design then use the color blocking method. For more variety, playfully deal with the different textures. The nuances of white and black can be very varied.

For smaller kitchen spaces, the use of mirror surfaces, such as on the rear wall, is recommended.

Put warm accents with wood

warm-akzente-wood-modern-cake-pictures with

Warm accents with wood also have a very positive effect

The wide use of black is a great opportunity for contrasts in kitchen design. In a monochrome kitchen in dark colors, wood accents are particularly pleasant. They may be in the form of furniture equipment, e.g. Chairs or by cutting boards occur.


The combination of wood and black surfaces is trendy

The combination of black and wooden surfaces is a very effective way of kitchen design. Experiment with different textures. Particularly effective is the combination of oak wood and black matt kitchen work surfaces and cabinets.

Monochrome kitchen design, complemented with blue

The addition of the black and white color palette in the kitchen with blue surfaces is absolutely timeless. She is well versed in both a classic and a modern and even futuristic lifestyle. What it tends to be in your case depends solely on the furniture design and the character of the surfaces used.

Perfect for fans of minimalism

For all fans of minimalism this is the successful kitchen design

As popular as minimalism is, it is just as demanding. What can you do to keep it from being boring and sterile? Kitchen cabinets or other furnishing elements of key importance can steal the show in the room and banish any boredom from the ambience.

A touch of eclectic Scandinavian style

Similar to minimalism, the Scandinavian style is also complicated to achieve an individual look. Black could come here wonderfully to help. The color is not exactly typical for a Scandinavian style, but goes well with everything in this. Use this color to create an eclectic and highly personalized version of the Scandinavian style.

Modern Mediterranean cuisine

Black is not often to be seen in the Mediterranean tradition, because there prevail bright, bright and warm colors. This color, however, fits well into a cooler and modern version of this type of decor.

Scroll down and admire all modern picture examples for chic and trendy kitchens in black!






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