The winter beauties are here! Gorgeous houseplants that bloom in winter

The winter beauties are here! Gorgeous houseplants that bloom in winter

In the winter months we miss the flowers of the houseplants, which delight our eyes and souls in the other seasons. But there are some indoor plants that are considered winter beauties at home. They bring color and fragrance to the winter interior and we are happy and optimistic. The Christmas cactus sets the tone, he presents us with his wonderful flowers just for Christmas and turns into an undoubted eye-catcher in the room. There's still that A leaf and the Anthurium in a beauty contest, because it's hard to say which houseplant shows prettier flowers. And another pair of flowers is in competition with the African Violette and the hibiscus whose flowers are delicate and delightfully beautiful. We have already talked about these winter beauties in an article, so today we want to take a closer look at other beautiful indoor plants that are blooming at home in the winter and breathe new life into our homes.

Schlumbergera_-Gorgeous houseplants

The Christmas cactus sets the tone, it shows us its beautiful and delicate flowers just at Christmas.

Anthurium-Gorgeous Houseplants

Wonderful anthurium - bring this natural beauty to your home and admire it every day!

  1. Klivia

The Klivie is still known under the name Riemenblatt. It comes originally from Africa, but is also widely used in Europe. However, the Klivie has kept its old habits in this country. She has her resting time in the fall, which lasts until the end of January. Then she presents us with her beautiful flowers. With good care the Klivie blooms from February to May. But there are plants that bloom twice a year. She likes a sunny and warm location, but no direct sun. A windowsill would be just ideal. Our tip is: do not change the location of this houseplant, she just does not like it! Pour moderately in the growing season, avoiding waterlogging. Its flower stem is 30-40 cm high and has delicate, orange-colored leaves. Sometimes the roots of the Klivie grow out of the pot, but that should not bother you. Frequent transplanting can have a negative impact on flowering and you certainly do not want that, right?

Kaffir Lily_2-Gorgeous indoor plants

The beautiful Klivie surprised us from the end of January by its orange flowers.

  1. Gloxinie

A little later than the Klivie, only in April flourishes the Gloxinie, whose beautiful flowers can be admired until the advent of autumn. The flower tubes of this potted flower look like made of fine velvet and are dyed in red or purple. The color palette of the flowers is large in each case, there are Gloxinien, which bloom in tender pink and white. This houseplant came from Brazil to Europe about 200 years ago and has settled in well with us. Of course, there are numerous hybrids, including the Sinningia flowers are very popular. The gloxinia prefers a light to partially shaded location where the humidity is quite high. In the growing season you need to water regularly, but keep the tray empty and fertilize once a week. After flowering, you can then keep the gloxinia dry and remove the withered leaves.

Gloxinia_1-Gorgeous Houseplants

The red blooms of Gloxinia definitely attract all eyes.

Gloxinia_2-Gorgeous Houseplants

The delicate blooms of the Gloxinie can occur in different colors from the typical for this ornamental red and violet tones over pink to white.

  1. azalea

If you really want to bring a lot of color into your interior, then put on this winter beauty. The azalea blooms in the wintertime into April and shows us its beautiful delicate flowers in red, pink, yellow or white colored. Their leaves have a rich green, which completes the overall picture. The azalea undoubtedly attracts many looks in winter. It thrives wonderfully in a cool location where the midday sun does not come in directly. It requires little heat but a lot of humidity. Therefore, you must water the potted flower regularly, but avoid waterlogging. A room temperature of up to 20 degrees C is recommended in the flowering period. If you have a green thumb, the azalea will thank you for months for its care with its beautiful colors.

Azalea_1-Gorgeous indoor plants

Maintain the Azalea with a top finger feel and you will admire its magnificent flowers for a long time.

Azalea_2-Gorgeous houseplants

Even outside in the garden, the azalea can delight the eye and soul.

  1. Abutilon

The Zimmerahorn or the Schönmalve are the popular German names of the indoor plant with the scientific name Abutilon. This winter beauty is easy to clean and suitable for beginners. This is actually an evergreen shrub, with delicate cup-shaped flowers. They are single or multi-colored, often appear in different tones of a color. Shortly before the arrival of spring, in March, the heyday of the Schmalmalve begins and lasts until November. The maple tree prefers a bright location and moderate watering. Despite little care you can enjoy the beautiful flowers of the Zimmerahorn for months.

Abutilon_1-Gorgeous houseplants

From red to orange to yellow the nuances merge and give this natural beauty

Abutilon_2-Gorgeous houseplants

The maple is an evergreen shrub that thrives in the garden and displays its colorful flowers from March to November.

hibiscus-Gorgeous Houseplants

The hibiscus is a synonym of tenderness among the blossoming winter beauties.

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