The small hallway comes into view

The small hallway comes into view

8 design ideas for small entrance corridors, which greet you warm and friendly

The first thing you see in a house get, just when crossing the front door is the hallway. But Unfortunately tend we often to this room in the house design to overlook. He becomes too often almost empty left, there missing striking Objects. D It would not be the right method for home furnishing. The entrance hall, whether small or spacious, is yes the first room that catches your attention just as you enter the house. D why do you have to design your hall so that it will prepare you and your guests for the whole ambience in the house. Very simple or dreamy-romantic, minimalist or retro-style, it all depends on your taste, style and personal preferences. Below we want Give you eight beautiful ideas present how you can decorate your floorboard and make it stylish.

Scandinavian carpet

Your entrance hall welcomes you each time you enter the room with a lot of coziness and charm.


Paint the front door in pink and admire your work!

Add some color to this ambience!

To brush Decorate your door in a nice color like pink, yellow or orange and also distribute other colorful objects around here around in the room . as a n matching chair or one lovely Vase. Keep every little one detail in the eye , Choose a beautiful lamp and framed photos or artwork.


A beautiful patterned wallpaper fits perfectly with the ethnic carpet and the wooden chest of drawers in the hallway

Interesting e Wallpaper patterns immediately attract everyone's attention

Take a look at this hall! How do you like his look? I I personally think the cheerful patterned wallpaper is just great! S ie is very original and makes this room look unique. So for you one so beautiful entrance area you may need a Wallpaper with dreamy m pattern that belong to the Ethno carpet and the wooden chest of drawers fits well , The entrance hall looks yes beautiful out , not true?


In the long, narrow corridor you only need 2-3 runners in interesting patterns and that would be all!

Small rugs or kilim runners show the way

These Kelim runners are very eye-catching and they point the way into the house inner , They decorate the hallway, so you do not need any other deco objects here. Rather put on minimal furnishings and a simple, white lamp.


Green plants scattered here and there in the corridor bring freshness and serenity

Green plants in pots provide a natural feeling in the hallway

If you have enough free space and natural light in your hallway, you could put some nice potted plants there. They bring a lot of green and a natural feel into the ambience and transform your hallway into a n eco-friendly n room , Choose preferably White for the walls and a checkerboard pattern for the floor tiles. In this way, the entire hall space is dreamy feel !

rustic carpet

Rustic elements are a plus

Rustic atmosphere create in the entrance hallway

White Painted walls can be perfect with wooden elements and a patterned carpet be paired. These result visually a striking combination and create the same a typical rustic atmosphere in the entrance area. This room spreads a calm feeling and always greets you "heartily welcome!".


Prints and patterns of various kinds make up the atmosphere here

obsession of great patterns

The prints in this hallway are simply amazing and have a perfect graphic effect. I love the stair runner in the Leopard pattern and the wallpaper. They both make this entrance hall truly extravagant ,

classic-orient carpet

The traditional corridor radiates a calming feeling

Many homeowners prefer the traditional ones Establishment of the corridor before

A traditional hallway is usually soothing and warming. Take a look at the picture! Does the big one fail you? Statement mirror in this entrance area? Yes, it is a classic example of traditional hall design. But I also think the beautifully patterned Persian runner really great , He combines wonderfully with the white walls. The lamp in Cage form gives the entrance hall the finishing touch.

navy blue carpet

A vintage bench and an outstanding feat make this entrance room in dove blue very warm and inviting

Navy blue, sky blue ... .. and again times blue ! Everything in blue for a harmonious entrance area!

This is the perfect entrance for a large house that will make you inviting and warm receives. Pigeon blue is the perfect shade for a hallway and the color works too Well in a modern or traditionally furnished room. You can also have a large ball as a hanging lamp and old, romantic items distribute here and there, like a vintage bench or an amazing art painting. You always like to come back to this house!

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