The sleeping cushions by TEMPUR

The sleeping cushions by TEMPUR

Today we want to present you the sleeping cushions of TEMPUR. They improve your sleeping position at night, prevent snoring and ensure better sleep. The ergonomic design, along with the effect of the TEMPUR material, relaxes and supports your neck and back.

The ergonomic products are made in Denmark and in the USA and are equipped with the advanced memory foam. They are the only recognized products from NASA and the Space Foundation certified mattresses and pillows. These products are constantly recommended by therapists and orthopedists from around the world for people with back, neck and joint pain. Try it yourself and discover how TEMPUR products will change the quality of your life! This has convinced millions of people!

Pillow brand quality Tempur

The perfect pillow

Hypoallergenic Pillow Tempur

Hypoallergenic pillows

High quality bedding Ergonomic pillows

High quality bedding

Sophisticated memory foam technology neck support pillow

Sophisticated memory foam

The TEMPUR® material is elastic and responds to body temperature and adapts to the unique body shape. Its air permeability ensures normal body temperature. The material dampens the movements, so you turn less and sleep restful. After getting up, the mattresses take on their original shape.

What makes the TEMPUR products so unique with their structure? In short, you can list the following factors:

  • Relaxation from physical stress

  • Relief of back and neck pain

  • Peaceful sleep

  • Hypoallergenic

  • NASA technology

TEMPUR means unsurpassed durability

The density of 85 kg / m 3 Ensures durability and support to a high degree. With tests carried out, the extraordinary properties of this material have been proven: when a roller moves over a mattress with compression 80000 bar, the mattress returns to its initial shape and retains its quality.

The three most important characteristics of the TEMPUR material, which distinguish themselves from all other technologies, are:

  1. Response to body temperature;

  2. Air permeability;

Durability 85 kg / m3 (other imitations have 40 kg / m3 density)

Relief of the back and neck pain Tempur neck pillow

Relief of back and neck pain

Body relaxation and quiet sleep Tempur mattresses

Body relaxation and peaceful sleep

Ergonomic design ensures neck support Tempur neck support pillow

Ergonomic design provides neck support

better sleeping comfort Tempur products

Better sleeping comfort

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