The most surprising design trends that are in store for your modern interior design

The most surprising design trends that are in store for your modern interior design

In 2017 we will experience even more openness to nature and independence from the neutral shades. You will be surprised how far you can go in this direction. Even simpler furniture than ever before will be found in the modern interior next year. This is just one of the exciting facts that will greatly affect us in upcoming design trends. In addition, we experience romantic and energetic colors and textures.
Once integrated into your interior design, these trends will stay current in your home for many years to come.

modern-interior furnishings neutral-ground-and-wande

Neutral floors and walls are in!


Express your personal style!

Neutral floors and walls
The neutrals will dominate in 2017 both the floor, as well as the wall design. They become great background colors that give you the opportunity to fully unfold your personality and individual style. The change among the neutral shades themselves will be as big as never before. They give you even more scope to spread the desired mood in the ambience.
Combinations with long curtains in quartz and furniture with soft upholstery will be particularly popular because they look interesting and make your home look very modern.

living room-neutral-colored

Create a modern and trendy interior through neutral colors

Ultramodern accents
The ultramodern comes in the form of accents: It is used dark coral and lime green. You can even integrate these nuances into traditional furnishing concepts and thus create an incomparable individual appearance.

inneneinrichtung-living room-modern

Set interesting accents and follow the trends in interior design

In this case, pairing with natural stone and geometric architectural designs is particularly successful. So you get the feeling for inner purity and rural character.
Natural and artificial leather
Colorful and woven textiles are featured in the interior design trends for 2017 in combination with very modern fabrics. It is important that both are well separated. You can use the traditional textiles for the upholstery of the furniture and the modern ones for the accents such as decorative cushions.


Combine high-quality textiles with greenery and achieve a sublime interior

Poems as wall art
The ornate wall design will continue to be of great importance in 2017. It is particularly modern that sayings, words, poems and inspirational sentences are written on the wall.


Wall art is not only in demand, it is a must in 2017 in interior design

Innovative lighting concepts
In 2017 we will experience completely new creative combinations of direct and indirect lighting. They will be very good in the neutrally decorated rooms.

lighting-living room-ideas

Combine direct and indirect lighting

2017 will surprise us by and large with how far you can go with natural and simple concepts. The designers will prove that effective ideas do not require much effort. And above all, one will clearly acknowledge modern thinking in interior design and design.

Take a look at our next picture examples and admire the new trends in design and interior design for 2017!

modern-interior decoration-living room

modern-interior decoration-with-eclectic-elements

beautifull-living room

modern apartment-with-stylish-device-ideas

modern decorating ideas-living room

wall design-living room-fireplace-deco


modern apartment-dining-device

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