The most important tips you need to know before buying a sink

The most important tips you need to know before buying a sink

The centerpiece in the bathroom is the washbasin - this applies to the aesthetic as well as the practical aspect. If you already have the rest of the interior design ready, it should not only correspond to it, but set a climax in it. This works in practice by following the following important tips.

modern-sink-under barrier

In a modern bathroom is a chic, trendy sink


Where exactly could you place the washbasin? First determine the right place for the sink

First determine the place from the sink. There must be enough free space for the associated cabinets and facilities. Also think of opening the doors - ideally, this simply has to happen.
It is best to choose the space from the sink so that you do not have to drill much to get to the water pipes in the wall.


Easy care and endurance are very important here

A sink should be easy to clean, so be created from a material that is easy to rinse and clean. At the same time, it should be resistant enough so that it does not get damaged during intensive use.


The variety of models, shapes and colors is impressive

Get an overview of the different models of washbasins on the market. There are many stylistic differences and at the same time models that are well-suited to different interior designs.
The design is important so that your bathroom gets a complete look.
From an aesthetic, but also from a practical point of view, it is important if the washbasin comes with a larger or smaller mirror as well as if the particular model includes upper and lower cabinets.


Wooden washbasin - it may be a bit rustic, right?

If you already have wood in the interior, you can opt for a sink made of this material. Such a model also works well if you have used brown and other natural nuances in the bathroom design.
For wood you need to invest a bit more to ensure that you get a robust and resistant material. Cherry, oak and mahogany are the most common types of wood. But they must also come with a matching paint or paint that make the sink water and moisture resistant.

Buy sinks - works better on the Internet or on site?

Take the best time both for an Internet search and for on-site customer service. Virtual gives you a better overview of the modern possibilities that are currently available on the market. On site you can get a realistic impression of the models and get advice from experts.
We wish you every success and hope you buy the best sink for your bathroom!


On the internet or in the store? It is important, you will find the right model for your bathroom!


A model for the corner

furnitures-basin-vanity unit

Here you have plenty of storage space in the cabinet!

under cabinet-wood

In the vintage style


Very chic with bright color accents and mirror effects


A chic model with open shelves


50 shades of gray - pure elegance in gray!

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