The modern bedroom - trendy living tips for a great decor

The modern bedroom - trendy living tips for a great decor

Do you dream of a modern design in your bedroom? Whether your home is in town or in the countryside, or your bedroom is small or spacious, we have prepared some great living tips for a modern bedroom interior. Of course we illustrate our words with 18 brilliant bedroom designs in our picture gallery. Have fun reading and browsing.

Bedroom with industrial lighting

bedroom-modern-style-Connectors industrial-lamp-black-wande

Design a stylish bedroom with dark wall paint and industrial light

Not necessarily traditional, but definitely trendy! Combine the coarse industrial-style lamps with delicate white curtains and solid oak furniture for an exceptionally cozy and modern atmosphere. Do not overcharge the bedroom with too many industrial lamps, a floor lamp, two bedside lamps or one on the dresser will be enough.

Fabulous wrought iron bed

bed-of-wrought-iron-bedroom-modern chandeliers

A bed of wrought iron in the bedroom creates a fabulous look

The wrought iron beds are not totally outdated! Such a great bed will turn your bedroom into a real designer treasure. A wool rug in neutral colors and decorative pillows with monograms will give the living room a charming, modern style.

The Japanese style in the small bedroom

bedroom-modern Japanese-style-wardrobe-with-shift structures

Wardrobe with sliding doors is the best solution for small bedrooms

Do not despair if your bedroom is very small. A tiny bedroom can also be very modern and cozy. Opt for a great Japanese-style decor and you will not regret it. You'll be surprised how much practical interior design for small spaces this simple style offers.

Built-in wardrobe - practical and modern


Small bedroom in white and light gray

The built-in wardrobe is a very practical solution for your bedroom, which gives a modern flair to the whole room. When it's small, opt for sliding doors with high mirrors. A beautiful addition would be LED strips in the wardrobe that illuminate the shelves when you push the doors.

Bedroom under the roof

bedroom-modern-Attik-attic-roof schrage

Modern bedroom in the attic

Romantic, practical, modern, comfortable - if you want such a bedroom, do not use your attic as a storage space, but as a great living space. If the architecture allows, design a cozy reading corner under a skylight.

wooden floor-pendelleuchte-bedroom-modern

Cozy bedroom with light blue accents

bedroom-modern-wall design-wood cladding

Wooden wall panels in the bedroom bring more warmth into the room

designer furnitures-bedroom-modern

Unique bedroom with modern designer furniture


Create a modern atmosphere in the bedroom with great accents in bright colors

bedroom-eclectic-modern-bed-wrought-iron off

Spacious bedroom in eclectic style

bedroom modern-loft and blue-blanket

Simple bedroom in the attic

bedrooms-in-the-attic-modern-wood beams

Modern industrial-style bedroom with bare wooden beams on the ceiling

wall covering-wood-bedroom-modern-light-wall reading light

Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom with wood wall cladding in warm nuances


A fancy wall decoration complements the modern look of the bedroom


Bedroom and bathroom in one

bedroom-modern-chest-wood-double bed

A comfortable bedroom flooded with natural light

wall shelf-curtains-bedroom-modern-sofa

Cool bedroom in cold pastel tones

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