The latest technology in the household - smart kitchen appliances

The latest technology in the household - smart kitchen appliances

The refrigerator iQ500 from Siemens reports via camera and app, what would have to be purchased. In addition, it is energy efficient, keeps products fresh twice longer and closes the refrigerator door automatically.

Refrigerator Camera Innovation App Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerator Camera Innovation App

The professional chef of AEG sends pictures of the current cooking process directly to the phone or tablet. Thus, you can change the oven settings from a certain distance and forget about burning forever. In addition, new recipes are offered to try out. Steamers use a mixture of steam and hot air to shorten the cooking time while preserving the nutrients in the food.

Professional chef innovation pictures App kitchen electrical appliances

Professional chef innovation pictures app

Professional chef innovation app Smartphone kitchen appliances

Professional chef innovation app smartphone

The Redefine glass toaster allows us to observe the toasting process to the desired degree. A total of seven levels of tanning are available, as well as automatic lowering and lifting the toast.

Glass toaster innovative kitchen appliances

Glass toaster, innovative

The Saeco PicoBaristo is a fully automatic coffee machine that prepares eleven coffees without waiting time and provides a milk carafe for many coffees, from espresso to latte macchiato. To regulate the degree of grinding, the coffee maker can be controlled with the help of ten settings. The cleaning is done only by pressing a button.

Coffee machine innovatively modern

Coffee machine - innovative and modern

Coffee Coffee specialties Innovation kitchen electrical appliances

The latest innovation is already on the market for your beloved coffees

The wireless multiroom speaker spreads soft music simultaneously in multiple rooms via Bluetooth. Your music can be streamed from your mobile phone, tablet or computer and then connected to other speakers in the series at the touch of a button. No router or apps are needed. The bass reflex tubes provide a pleasant room-filling sound.

Multiroom Speaker Music Play Wireless Kitchen Appliances

Multiroom speaker is wireless

Netatmo's energy saver lets you control the heating distance. The thermostat works with the help of your smartphone and creates a personal plan of the heating process. Remote control lets you change settings even when you are on vacation.

Thermostat remote control innovative heating plan kitchen appliances

Thermostat with remote control - you can perfectly control your heating plan

Energy saver heating on distance control kitchen appliances

With this energy saver you can control the heating at a distance

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