The kitchen curtains - a wonderful decoration element

The kitchen curtains - a wonderful decoration element

Light or sumptuous, plain or patterned, the decoration of the kitchen windows does not only have to be functional, it can also turn into a real eye-catcher. The right choice guarantees the wow effect and determines the colors throughout the room.

Light and elegant kitchen curtains

Semitransparent fabrics flow down quickly, hiding any mechanisms on the windows. With the help of longer curtains, the room also looks higher. You could experiment with different colors and materials. The design of the curtain can be a decorative element in the decor. As a main function, of course, we have the protection from bright lights and unwanted insights from the outside.

Elegant curtain kitchen curtains

Elegant curtains

Kitchen design Kitchen curtains transparent Upper cabinet Kitchen system Kitchen island kitchen curtains

Classic kitchen design with transparent kitchen curtains

Kitchen vanity unit transparent curtains kitchen curtains

The kitchen sink is directly in front of the window, which also has transparent curtains


The sliding curtains represent one great design opportunity dar. you They look elegant and their length can be adjusted by simple operation. The colors and patterns are varied, e.g. can t transparent and opaque materials are combined. The sliding curtains go great with modern interior design.

Awning modern kitchen worktops made of marble kitchen curtains

Awning in the modern kitchen - here we see the perfect marble countertops

Sliding curtains in white kitchen kitchen curtains

Sliding curtains in a white kitchen

P RACTICAL wood blinds

A classic solution for your windows - simple technology that controls the light in the kitchen. The blinds are affordable, practical and stylish. Except in the classic wood shades, you will find them in different colors. Choose the right one for your facility. They provide visual, solar and heat protection.

Wooden blinds in white kitchen curtains

Wooden blinds in white

Modern blinds

A practical solution for the kitchen - they protect well from the sun, provide a homely atmosphere and are easy to operate. The blinds are very much for this reason popular. You could be made in a simple white color or provided with a colorful pattern. The material for roller blinds can be cotton, polyester or nylon. The color selection is again extensive.

Modern roller blinds made of polyester kitchen curtains

Modern roller blinds made of polyester

Modern blinds in green kitchen curtains

Modern roller blinds in green

bamboo blinds

The bamboo blinds look natural and fit thus to every furnishing style. It can be between various lamellas and cords are selected. The blinds could be accented by placing them over the window frames.

Modern roller blinds made of bamboo for the kitchen kitchen curtains

Modern roller blinds made of bamboo for the kitchen

Roman blinds / Roman blinds

The Roman blinds can be made from many materials and offer an original window screen. These beautiful roller blinds provide elegant design, as well as modern as well as rustic furnishings. They can be easily mounted on the wall or window reveal.

Modern kitchen Marble kitchen curtains

Modern kitchen, a sublime design all in white

Kitchen Design Contrast High Gloss Black White Roman Blind Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen design in contrasting colors - the black and white duo looks impressive, the white Roman blinds give the finishing touches here

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