The green wall brings a piece of nature on your balcony or on the garden terrace

The green wall brings a piece of nature on your balcony or on the garden terrace

Most likely, many of our readers will have at least one Herbal corner at home, which makes the mood barometer rise in the kitchen, while every meal preparation. But do you often think you want more green in your own home? Or rather out there on the balcony or Garden and terrace ? Yes, that would be possible if you want to wall a wall. Surely you think right away, wall greening would be too time-consuming and would cost too much money and time. No, in most cases this is not true, because there are currently many companies that are happy to design and maintain their Green Wall. You may be spoiled for choice because there are many ready-to-buy systems on the market. But if you prefer DIY projects then you can build your vertical green wall yourself. Inquire about the various options, as there are project designs for beginners and advanced.

Put your creativity into play and you can build your own vertical garden on the balcony, as a house wall or in the living room itself.

But what advantages does a green wall bring to any environment? We want to find the answer to this question today.

If the Äs Thetika comes first for you, before pragmatism of course!

Vertical garden for balcony and terrace

There are several ways to build a Green Wall at home yourself

A green wall on balcony or terrace Immediately attracts all eyes magically, because it is fascinating in their attractive appearance. It has a relaxing effect on eyes and soul. If you look at the green for a long time, you definitely feel better. After a long day's work, you can quickly reduce the stress near a wall greening. If you enjoy working from home and enjoy a green wall in your home, you can concentrate better and increase your memory. As you can see, the green highlight does not take up much space, but it can bring a lot of positive things for you.

A green wall also has many p tactical advantages

Green wall balcony and terrace

Grasses in concrete containers provide freshness and variety

Your piece of real nature In addition to the aesthetics, you would also have many practical advantages. The wall greening noticeably improves the room climate in the first place. It increases the humidity and this is especially important if you live in a dry area. In addition, the air is filtered through the green wall, pollutants and dust are removed. It can also serve as a screen if you want it. With a small wall garden you achieve an improvement of the acoustics in the room. The green plants have an excellent sound absorption, thanks to which the noise pollution is reduced. So you can work or relax in a quiet atmosphere. So, in short, the Green Wall is healthy too!

Are you already inspired to create a green wall on your balcony or on the garden terrace?

Installation and maintenance are now much easier than you maybe think

Vertical green wall terrace ideas

Choose only suitable green plants in small pots

Your dream of one Vertical garden at home can easily be fulfilled these days. There are many highly competent gardening companies that plan and execute this project according to your own needs and preferences. Most also take over the installation on site. You can fully rely on their expertise also in the selection of plants. The modern wall greening is unimaginably easy to care for. It has integrated irrigation with adjustable pump system. So you must not worry unnecessarily about the water supply of the green plants, they are optimally irrigated. And another interesting thing: there are modern vertical gardens that do not necessarily have to be fixed and fixed to a wall. Some are mobile, they can be easily moved because they are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Of course, there is also the option to do it yourself. If you're a real flower fan and have gardener skills, you can dare. With such a DIY project, you have to get to work practically and creatively. The following variants might be suitable for you:

  • First, sort your flowerpots. Choose small, planted salaries that you can easily attach to the wall or to a wooden frame with wire mesh. If you choose colorful flower varieties, you get a colorful green wall that acts as a strong eye-catcher in any environment.

  • A vertical garden from a Euro pallet could also be easily built. Place the europallet vertically, use pond liner, which you attach to the back. Then fill in the resulting gaps with potting soil. There you can then plant different types of flowers. Vote for your arrangement and you have already created something special! Your vertical green wall can be even more attractive if you paint the Europallet in a matching color! Voila!
  • With your DIY project you can go even further and use one or several hanging shoe shelves. These can be placed and planted on the balcony or on your garden terrace.

  • You could use old fruit crates, which you line with pond foil according to the known method and then fill with potting soil. Stack the flower containers next to and above each other and plant them. Besides beautiful flowers, you can too Herbs choose.
  • Take a look in your basement or on the top floor, you will surely find more old items that you can use at home DIY building your wall greenery.

We wish you good luck and a lot of relaxation near your Green Wall!

Terraces Ideas Garden Terrace

Place colorful flower pots and containers attached to a frame construction on the wall and you will get an excellent vertical garden!

Ideas for terrace design Vertical wall shelf ideas

Very neat and eyecatching

Green wall ideas terrace

Arrange the flowerpots according to your ideas, success will not be long in coming

Decorative vintage flowerpots container

Old wooden boxes, shelves and similar unusable items will find a new application in your DIY project "Green Wall on the Balcony"

Euro pallet as vertical planting Terraseen ideas

Euro pallets are great for this purpose

Flowerpot balcony wall decoration garden

If you like it colorful ... ..

Hanging flower pot planter balcony garden planter

Planted buckets here and there to frame construction on the wall place

Green wall interior decoration balcony garden

Pure cosiness on the balcony

Garden decoration Vertical gardens

Green, green .... Vertical garden!

vertical garden terrace wall europalette ideas

Grab a euro pallet and roll up your sleeves!

Green walls wall garden

Climbing plants are just perfect for the green wall

Beautiful vertical garden

Arrange colorful flower boxes on top of each other and embellish them with colorful flowers

Flower pots vertical wall garden planter decoration green wall

A hanging shoe rack gets a whole new function here

Green wall shelf for herbs and flowers

Pure relaxation for two on the green balcony

Balcony Ideas Vertical Gardens

Every green wall is a strong eye-catcher

Vertical wall garden

Luxury is redefined here

Garden terrace ideas design vertical wooden wall

Design your work corner on the Green Wall and you will not regret it!

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