The great coffee house SHUGAA in Thailand, designed by party / space / design studio

Shugaa is a modern, beautifully designed coffee house in Bangkok, Thailand. This innovative construction project was designed and realized by party / space / design studio and the opening followed in January 2016. Contemporary design was inspired by sugar crystals and the colors of sweet treats in a coffee house. Pastel tones, light wood, marble and rose gold have been skilfully combined in a modern ambience. Great geometric shapes are evident in the exterior and interior. Stylized and minimalist shapes are evident throughout the ambience, giving the space a modern and clear look.

The coffee house SHUGAA marble hedge pastel tones designer light body

By combining natural stone, wood and metal elements always interesting designs are created

Experienced Chef Thai has come up with a creative menu of delicious desserts and continues to surprise visitors with new treats, fragrant coffees and the exceptional and cozy atmosphere of the house. The sugar crystals concept is the foundation of the project and from the smallest detail to the facade of this building you can feel its influence.

Upholstered seating furniture Pasteltöne Innenausstattung Das Kaffeehaus

Comfortable upholstered furniture and decorative cushions in pastel shades ensure a pleasant stay for the customers

The glass facade is clad with a polygonal wooden lattice, reminiscent of the sugar crystals. Through the transparent wall you can immediately see the modern light bodies in Rose Gold, whose shape resembles the molecule of sugar. With subtle elements in the Rose gold interior and the marble counter, the designers create a modern and luxurious atmosphere in the room. The coffee cabinet is divided into two levels, which are connected by a fascinating spiral staircase made of wood and acrylic glass. The railing is made of acrylic glass and looks as if huge sugar crystals would embrace the staircase. On the first level there is the charming marble counter with a beautiful polygonal relief and the comfortable seating area for the customers, who can relax on comfortable upholstered seating and enjoy the fantastic desserts. The soft pastel tones create an extraordinarily cozy and relaxing atmosphere throughout the room. The gold-colored elements such as table frames and light body a chic accent was set in the room. The atmosphere on the second floor is rather private and this is the ideal quiet spot for delicious dessert and refreshing drink while meeting friends, entertaining or working. This area is also suitable for private parties or workshops.

Spiral staircase wooden steps modern design The coffee house Thailand

The spiral staircase is a classic in interior design, which never gets old-fashioned

SHUGAA is the favorite place of all sugar lovers, but also those who want to spice up their gray everyday life by a short stay in a modern facility. Treat yourself to a relaxing hour in SHUGAA and enjoy not only the delicious desserts and fresh coffee here, but also the brilliant work of the designers of party / space / design studio.

Table tops in marble interior contemporary furnishing

The geometric arrangement of the furniture in the room looks very neat

modern look coffee house design 2016 upholstery pink

Beautiful light body in rose gold

Bench upholstered green Ceiling light coffee house

Polygonal ceiling lights in the shape of sugar crystals

Designer lamps Bulb interior Shugaa cafe

Creative light body in pink gold

Counter Marble Relief Wall Light Body in Pink Gold Coffee House

The marble counter corresponds perfectly with the wall cladding

Panoramic window wooden lattice facade trendy design outdoor

The strange facade of the cafe can not be overlooked

Spiral staircase modern interior design coffee house wooden floor

A stylish composition of stylized figures complements the modern effect of the spiral staircase

Coffee House Shugaa Seating Pastel tones Marble tops

The motto of SHUGAA is "Room for a dessert"

party-space-design Studio Cafe Shugaa Designer Light Body Pink Gold

Trendy relief wall in white greets visitors when they enter the café

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