The freestanding bathtub - let yourself be pampered!

The freestanding bathtub - let yourself be pampered!

The free-standing bathtub is a real luxury for your home, that's for sure! But is it also appropriate? Here are some disadvantages that we just want to introduce as useful info:

The freestanding bath takes up twice as much space compared to a shower cubicle; it is difficult to arrange the shower curtains and the standing room is limited!

But if you have a separate room available for it, it is worthwhile in any case to get a freestanding bath! There are a great selection of different models and designs on the market, as many vintage buckets cost a good deal of money! Let's coat your current bathtub and it would look like new!

Here are some advantages of the freestanding bathtub:

Spaciousness - The space around and under some of the pictured tubs appears airy and larger than in reality.

simple bathroom in white freestanding bath

simple bathroom in white

shape - The shape of some tubs plays so well with the geometric pattern of wall and floor tiles.

Tiled wall in light blue freestanding bathtub

Tile wall in light blue

Metallic accents - Metal bathtubs play with the light.

White bathtub with claw-foot freestanding bathtub

White bathtub with lion's feet

nostalgia - Have you ever seen a retro bathtub? The blue lion's feet bring a touch of the vintage feel. By the way, a bathtub completely in black could merge with the floor and thus bring about the height of the narrow white room.

Elegant Art Nouveau pink bath and lion's feet in old gold freestanding bathtub

Elegant art nouveau bathtub in pink and lion's feet in old gold

elegance - Some bathtubs are great for combining with a chandelier.

Bathtub made of metal in the feel-good bathroom-free-standing bathtub

Bathtub made of metal in the feel-good bathroom

Drama - Search for yourself a bathtub that could stand on a stone floor.

Silver and white bathroom freestanding bathtub

Silver and white bathroom

Leave the door open! - With such a design, you would proudly show off your bathroom!

Spacious bathroom with gorgeous chandelier-freestanding bathtub

Spacious bathroom with magnificent chandelier

Home Spa - A reader comment read: "This room could be in a fancy retreat in New Mexico."

Bathtub in black and white freestanding bath

Bathtub in black and white

Tiles in focus - Instead of taking all the floor space, a claw-foot bathtub reveals the tile pattern

Modern bath tap made of chrome freestanding bathtub

Modern bathtub tap made of chrome

Bathroom in eclectic-style freestanding bathtub

An excuse - On Great metallic bathtub tap is just the right touch for your bathroom.

Spacious bathroom Home spa-freestanding bath

Spacious bathroom Home spa

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