The free-floating wall shelf and its numerous designs

The free-floating wall shelf and its numerous designs

Either as a deco element and eye-catcher or as unobtrusive, valuable storage areas intended, the wall shelves accommodate books, home accessories or interesting souvenirs or finds from Antikladen. Just like any other piece of furniture, they are divided into different categories.

Take a look at the floating wall shelves here:

White wall shelves

Whether attached to the wall in the hall, living room or bathroom, the white wall shelves are a captivating eye-catcher. The universal white color can be combined with other, colorful elements.

White wall shelves are a bestseller at Ikea. With their glossy surfaces and stylish design you have distinct advantages.

Because of the concealed fittings, the wall shelves appear free-floating. In addition, you notice almost no accumulated dust, which could not be claimed by dark surfaces. Of course, black can also be inspiring. Discover why!

Shelf desk straight-lined nursery

The wall shelves follow the shape of the long desk in this nursery

Bathroom suspended wall shelves symmetrically white

Straight overall picture up to the ceiling in the bathroom

Children's room wall shelf corner shelf glossy white

The large distances between the individual wall shelves leave room for higher objects

Black wall shelves

On the black wall shelves, small cracks or soiling are easy to see with the eye. This makes them easy to maintain. However, their look in the interior can be very elegant and present.

For black color grandeur is equated in many cases, both in the clothing, as well as in the device. That's why it's a great addition to any room.

Living room TV cabinet wall boards black storage

Posing your favorite items in the modern living room

Kitchen living area classic traditional Bauhaus style

Traditional room design with open shelves depicting works of art

Hanging shelves black living room asymmetric

The sophisticated color coordination of the individual parts results in a harmonious overall look

Wooden wall shelves

The wooden shelves can add warmth to any room. Against a white wall and with the optically corresponding parquet floor you get a natural look in the room.

Depending on the construction material, the shelves can be expensive, which is why they are found in traditional, classic room furnishings. Of course, they look gorgeous in the interior.

Floating wall shelf wood effect bathroom

To facilitate the order in the bathroom with the help of the hanging shelves

Hallway floating shelves wood offset storage space

Staggered arrangement for a varied, asymmetrical effect

Living room TV cabinet wall boards black storage

The wall boards are the best solution for the niches in the room

Wall shelves freely suspended flexible order kitchen

Clever use of the wide windows on the floating shelves

Bathroom modern counter space wall boards wood

Simple color combination of cool white and warm wood beige

Modern hallway wooden floor home library built-in wall shelf

Metal and wood wall shelves in a minimalist look adorn the modern hallway

Wall shelves kitchen different wood shades optical effect

The kitchen equipment in white contrasts beautifully with the dark brown accents

Floating wall shelves wood kitchen glass wall

Fresh and flexible storage of many kitchen accessories

Suspension shelves Wood artfully Gallery rail Dining room

Reveal family photos, artworks and flowers on hanging shelves

Which other shelf designs are there?

Module cube shelves

The compact cube shelves store books, memorabilia, vases, pictures and decorative items. In modern living rooms with functional furniture, they fit great.

Floating wall shelves made of glass

This category wall shelves is used in modern interior designs again and again. Glass can be wonderfully combined with the metal. That's why you can often see metallic accessories on the glass wall shelves for a stylish look.

Hanging shelves metal kitchen in front of the window order

Glass and metal form a harmonious pair

Floating corner shelves

The corner shelves are extremely practical and can be mounted in any free room. Thus, they ensure a tidy structure and harmonious appearance in the room.

DIY free-floating shelves

Many creative people like DIY projects, even wall shelves. Think carefully about which material and which color would best suit your interior.

By the way, you can set great visual accents with the practical wall shelves. With a light brown wall paint and white or cream-colored furniture, a wall shelf in strong color would achieve the desired WOW effect.

In front of the kitchen window, next to the TV, in the niche in the nursery or in the bathroom - the floating wall shelves offer us the best solutions to all problems with storage and storage options.

Nursery modern wall boards white living idea

Extremely practical and contrasting against the green wall are the white floating shelves

Floating shelves custom made living room TV furniture white

Custom-made wall shelves in white provide extra storage space and a visual focal point in this cozy room

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