The fascination of glass and porcelain - Fragile design from Scandinavia

The fascination of glass and porcelain - Fragile design from Scandinavia

When one thinks of the vastness and beauty of Scandinavia, it combines two special features: lakes and forests. So it is not surprising that mainly domestic wood is processed for the simple, elegant furniture and home accessories of Scandinavian living design. But also glass and porcelain belong to the preferred materials of the northern furnishing style. In short, everything that is reminiscent of the great nature of the North. Lovingly selected and at the same time practically furnished, this creates a perfect harmony for the home in a simple way.

iittala glassware home decor

iittala glassware

Kosta Boda bottle-home designs

Kosta Boda bottles

Orrefors bottle-home designs

Orrefor's bottle

The production of hand-blown glass and high-quality porcelain with particularly attractive decorations has a long tradition in the Scandinavian countries. For example, glass art in Sweden goes back to an invitation by King Gustav Vasas. In the 16th century he invited Venetian glassblowers to Stockholm. So they brought the knowledge about this extraordinary craft to Sweden. It was also crucial that the North offered all the important conditions for glass art. With the wood from the local forests you could light the stoves. The raw material as the finest sand was present in large quantities at the bottom of the numerous lakes and their hydropower could also be used as an energy source. The number of glassworks grew at the end of the 19th century to more than 100 businesses.

Kosta Boda style glass home designs

Kosta Boda style glass

Kosta Boda vase home designs

Kosta Boda vase

Orrefors vase home designs

Orrefor's vase

Orrefors-home design


Orrefor's Lito-Graal home designs

Orrefor's Lito-Graal

Orrefors bottle-home designs

Orrefor's bottle

Orrefors amber glass living designs

Orrefors amber glass

Orrefors flower vase home designs

Orrefors flower vase

And until today, high-quality glass and fine porcelain are associated with the typical Swedish design. In addition to used glass such as drinking glasses, cups, vases, crockery and many others, also art objects are made in numerous glassworks.

The world's most famous glassworks, which today belong to a group, are Kosta-Boda and Orrefors. Kosta-Boda was founded in 1742 and is the oldest still active hut. Orrefors, founded in 1898, is known for its innovative, advanced glass techniques, such as Graal. The Finnish glass factory iittala, which was founded in 1881 in the city of the same name, is a worldwide known synonym for Nordic glass design, which distinguishes itself by natural and clear shapes from other suppliers. One of the highlights of the range, the Alvar Aalto Vase, has been around since 1936. The fact that it has been sold for almost 80 years speaks for its timeless design.

the most famous design of iittala home designs

the most famous design by iittala

The Scandinavian design is well known for doing without superfluous. The functionality and practicality are always there in the foreground.

Refreshing, simple, romantic and relaxed, the Scandinavian design is pure joy and gives every home decor that certain something. In line with the modern lifestyle of the North, manufacturers such as Marimekko and Rörstrand are becoming increasingly popular.

iittala Origo home designs

iittala Origo

Glass and porcelain as home accessories can be found in every house. A simple field flower bouquet looks simply stunning in the right vase. Also, drinking and eating is much more fun when the dishes convince with its design. Large or small, bulbous or slender, round, angular, narrow or wide - glass and porcelain products in Scandinavian style are suitable for every home. Take a look at our picture gallery to convince yourself!

Marimekko home design


Rörstrand residential designs

Tea set in blue

Scandinavian design home design

Scandinavian design

Scandinavian tableware home design

Scandinavian dishes

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