THE CONCRETE WALL - a real eye-catcher in every ambience

THE CONCRETE WALL - a real eye-catcher in every ambience

Concrete on the wall, concrete on the lamps, concrete in the kitchen ... it is slowly becoming part of our apartments and houses, even our workplaces. I'm just thinking that it's actually not so bad to spice up your own ideas about materials and their combinations. After the last post a few days ago on stamped concrete, today I give you an insight into an even easier way to accentuate your room. You can make some changes without doing a whole room renovation. This so-called lazy type is based on wall design in concrete optics.

Books Deco Cushion Branch Floor Lamp Lampshade White wallpapers in concrete look Industrial Style

Various items such as books, decorative cushions, floor lamps stand out very well in front of the white concrete wall

How could that be possible?

Designer and photographer Tom Haga understands the need and interest in this rough material. He has long discovered a new way of working for himself in photographing, among other things, walls, bricks, concrete blocks. Finding the right image requires a lot of concentration, planning and enough motivation not to give up. There exists a variant in house to install one or more concrete installations. In this case, however, the material takes some time to get an authentic look from the weather and the environment, as we see it in the cityscape. The salable photos are taken in Norway. Each wallpaper shows excellent sharpness and fits perfectly in your own home, because their look is extremely realistic. So you will be able to build your own concrete wall at home without much rebuilding work. But if you now have your apartment or your house renovated and have a housing planner - then you could implement our idea!

Industriall Gray Decorative Cushion Concrete wallpapers in concrete look Industrial Style

Industrial look - gray concrete wall and decorative cushions

Living Room Sofa Corner Sofa Cushion Purple Pink Gray wallpapers in concrete look Industrial Style

In this living room, the corner sofa is just right - the decorative cushions in purple and pink are great splashes of color on it

Living room Corner sofa Sofa Decorative cushions Leather Living room table Floor lamp Metal Silver Concrete wallpapers in concrete look Industrial Style

Living room with corner sofa set, which stands straight in front of the gray concrete wall. The floor lamp in silver completes the ambience in the industrial style

Bedroom Stylish Decorative Pillow Orchid Floor Lamp Buddha Figurine Candle Holder Silver White Wallpaper in Concrete Look Industrial Style

The concrete wall can also stand in the bedroom and look stylish. The interior is complemented by various small decorative accessories.

Bedroom Work Lamp Bath Shelf Decorative Pillow Knitted Blanket Clothes Rail White Light Blue Beige wallpaper in concrete look Industrial Style

Much elegance and sophistication in this industrial-style bedroom.

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