The Christmas tree - a real eye-catcher in every home for Christmas

The Christmas tree - a real eye-catcher in every home for Christmas

The largest family festival not only in Germany, but in many different parts of the world, is already at the door and everywhere prevails the well-known festive atmosphere. The anticipation grows every day, and therefore also the impatience with young and old. To celebrate this year a beautiful, contemplative Christmas with family and friends, you need to make some effort now and decorate your home accordingly.
A Christmas tree is most certainly a must for many families in the Christmas decoration. The decorated Christmas tree looks back on a long 500-year tradition, which is often maintained today. How tall your Christmas tree is depends on the size of the room where you want to place it. But choose a suitable place for your Christmas tree, so that it is easy to see from all angles. Many people place the Christmas tree in a free corner of the room, where they concentrate most of the Christmas decorations. Others prefer the space next to the fireplace or in front of the window. But it does not really matter where you place the Christmas tree in the room, it will immediately turn into an undisputed eye-catcher.


Toll decorated Christmas tree always attracts everyone's attention

If you're eco-friendly and think the same way, you can buy a Christmas tree in pot and decorate it every year.

Festoon Scandinavian-design

Christmas tree in the pot - thinking environmentally, acting practically

Traditionally, the Christmas tree is decorated in the typical Christmas colors red, green and white. The color duo red and green is well represented everywhere for Christmas, because these two colors carry Christian symbolism. Red is supposed to symbolize the blood of Christ poured out by the Redeemer for all humanity. Green is traditionally associated with new life hope that people miss during the long winter months.

zeitgenossisches-living room-fireplace-weihnachtsdeko

Decorate the Christmas tree traditionally in the typical colors of Christmas - red, green and white

modern-living room Christmas Tree

In the corner next to the window, the fully decorated Christmas tree is just right

Of course, there are many more options available to you and you can best determine which color dominates in the Christmas tree ornaments for you. First, look at the room and decide which color fits best into your interior design. Many people today prefer to decorate the Christmas tree in white, so that he immediately introduces the winter mood in the atmosphere. Others want to treat themselves to some glamor and glamor for Christmas and decorate everything in gold and silver. So they contrast the Christmas tree to the design of the room and emphasize its role as a definitive eye-catcher. Yes, there are no limits to your imagination and creativity when decorating the Christmas tree, and now you can best show what you can do in terms of decoration and jewelry.


A Christmas tree can be decorated in purple and gold


A great deco-idea, which is consistent with the entire interior design: The Christmas tree is decorated in white, with jewelry in pink, purple and blue!

simple, elegant weihnachtsdeko-rose quartz Serenity blue

Very trendy in the most modern colors 2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue

We want to help you again and have created for you a super interesting and imaginative picture gallery. Enjoy the decoration ideas and let your imagination run wild!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!

fireplace-shining-star-christmas decoration

A snow-covered and beautifully decorated Christmas tree stands by the fireplace and enjoys great attention

Christmas tree-Scandinavian-style

Simple and elegant in the Scandinavian style


At Christmas, you can treat yourself to some glamor and glamor, right?

modern-living-black-leather couch

Christmas tree decoration in purple is strikingly beautiful and at the same time so elegant!


Your kitchen also deserves a little refreshment in the typical Christmas colors - red, green, white


White looks so sublime and elegant!

Christmas tree-deco-article-shelf

The beauty is in the detail - even a tiny Christmas tree can have a great effect


An artfully decorated Christmas tree of a special kind


Or do you want to make your own Christmas decorations?


It is hardly possible

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