Taurus annual 2017 horoscope and the influence of the Fire Faucet

Taurus annual 2017 horoscope and the influence of the Fire Faucet

Throughout the year 2017, the bulls are under a lucky star and they can be called the lucky ones among all 12 star signs. And this is not without reason, because the fire-cock will pay special attention to them and protect them throughout the year. The bulls notice it still at the beginning of the year and get in the first few weeks tempting, new business offers, but the rise in the job will be a bit steep. Her career is going slowly but surely upwards. Usually, the bull-born radiate generosity and warmth of heart and their fellows inevitably react similarly friendly and warmhearted. This will continue in 2017. The bulls impress cool and clever everyone around them, so the fire-cock will also fall into their charm. In February, the bulls will have new enthusiasts and have to show much patience to get their numbers right. You just have to run from date to date, especially the singles. But the new challenges at work do not leave you much time. So that the bulls do not get into time trouble, they must necessarily set their priorities. Act courageously, because the Fire-Rooster will underline and favor you throughout 2017. Only in September you can feel a little tired and ready for vacation. But by the end of the year you can expect many more happy moments!

Bull Year Horoscope good luck. Success in the job. Happiness

A new year full of luck and success awaits all bull-born!

In the job it's definitely going up! The bull is always well informed about news in the profession and about technical innovations and stands out as a responsible and trustworthy employee. And every boss wants to have one in the team, right? Usually the bulls feel their vocation as vocation or in other words, they have chosen the right professional sphere. In the job they know exactly how to get more money. Additional revenue is expected in January and later in August / September. But be forewarned and take no risks in October, especially if you have to sign new contracts. Then keep your eyes open and trust your instinct for the money! If you receive an offer from abroad, you must analyze it very well. With this ordeal of choice you are sure to stand in the fall. But you will make the best out of the situation!

up in the job -new business negotiations -Contracts make extra money-earning

Bulls will do lucrative business in 2017

new successes in the job - be happy

Dear bulls, look forward to your success in the job!

The Love Horoscope 2017 the bulls are great too! The couples will enjoy many cozy moments together. The idea of ​​a romantic boat trip or a cool drink under the palm trees will make your eyes sparkle. Take joint trips, dream of long-distance travel destinations, which will definitely bring new life into your everyday life. The singles will experience numerous flirts. New worshipers keep an eye on you! It could come to a declaration of love. Keep your eyes wide open and make no hasty decision! Many singles in this zodiac sign will have a wedding before, maybe even a long desired pregnancy. The best time for this would be the early summer. A lot of passion and very strong feelings are reserved for all bulls.

Going on a holiday with the family New forces recharge their batteries directly from nature

Drive into the countryside and recharge your batteries directly from nature

you Health horoscope does not foresee any health problems in 2017. It would be advisable, however, to spend a long time outdoors, preferably in the midst of nature. Thus, the bulls recharge their batteries and relax the best. Active sports are also announced this year! Of course, you can work in the garden or go to the gym more often. The diet has always been and remains particularly important for all bull-born. A detox menu is not only desirable but for many it is even a must. Cycling or swimming would be wonderful physical activities that will guarantee you a slim figure. Our tip to all bulls is: Avoid the stress and stay healthy and happy in 2017!

relax at the lake, enjoy peace and relaxation with the dog long walks in the park admiring the nature

Relax in the open air more often!

active sport daily jogging reduce stress

The daily jogging reduces the stress

Cycling favorite activity 2017 for all bull-born

Cycling is one of the favorite pastimes of the bulls again this year

Couple in love planning a wedding to witness the birth of a little sweetheart

Good intentions can be implemented by the bulls this year

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