Sweet and salty Halloween appetizers and treats

Sweet and salty Halloween appetizers and treats

From treats like cupcakes, candy and cookies to tasty treats and dips, all this is in demand on Halloween! Prepare real delicacies for your friends and family with these simple Halloween snack recipes that are sure to come to you in time.

Small appetizers: eyeballs from cheese


Do you get scared or hungry for small cheese snacks?

These cheese balls decorated with olives and a little food coloring could look so scary and yet taste very delicious! Surprise your party guests with these hearty little bites and have fun!

Small scary monsters made of apples


Do we want to scare these monsters, right?

Cut out green apples and decorate them with dried fruits, nuts and seeds, and you'll get healthy treats for your sweet or sour darlings.

Candy Corn Brownies


Delicious brownies so beautifully decorated for Halloween!

Stripes of colored sugar on chocolate brown brownies make this sewing look even more attractive, designed for all ages!

Candied apples as little ghosts


Ghosts for snacking!

If you are looking for funny Halloween decorations to make with your kids, then look no further! Here is a great idea especially for you! Candied apples look like a friendly Jack-O'-Lantern or little ghosts! Surely, she would taste your little ones immediately, before you are completely finished with their decoration!

Black cats for snacking make us happy!


These black cats bring good luck!

These cats are made of salty pretzels and creamy chocolate, so there's nothing to worry about! Did you immediately get hungry for these delicious Halloween black cats?

Snowballs with monster faces

snow balle-with-monster faces-halloween-deco

Irresistible snowballs with monster faces

Your party guests on Halloween will love these delicious snowballs, because they look so tempting and irresistible! They also taste quite delicious, they are made of chocolate, combined with colorful coconut glaze.

Cookies of the special kind


Do not these cookies look like little witch hats? Cookies of the special kind

Homemade chocolate cookies with a light orange colored frosting and a chocolate kiss in the middle will happily nibble the kids!


Cupcakes in Halloween colors - an irresistible treat!


Salted balls of bacon and popcorn, with caramel glaze


Coca-Cola cupcake with peanut butter - frosting


Candy in black, orange and white as a decoration of various treats for Halloween

halloween deco

And we finish with candied apples!

Which snacks and treats from this list are your favorites?

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