Summery wallpapers that look great all year round

Summery wallpapers that look great all year round

From fish to flamingo patterns to colorful fruit, it is now possible to make your rooms colorful at home and admire summery patterns all year long. These unusual wallpaper patterns guarantee you a good, cheerful atmosphere even in the colder seasons and brighten up your walls

If you wish, the colorful summer can have a positive effect on you months to even years, if you find a permanent place for summery wallpapers in your home. All the wallpaper patterns we present today are inspired by the bright summer sun and the deep, blue sea. These patterns can cheer you up, improve your mood, even if the sun does not shine outside.

Cool wallpaper pattern in navy blue maritime decoration ideas wallpaper

Lobster pattern in navy blue

Summery wallpaper patterns can also spice up your bathroom and cheer you up all year round.
Cool wallpaper patterns in navy blue are in principle a good choice for smaller spaces. In a larger room, they can seem overwhelming.

The gray-white sea-rope decor ideas bedroom bed wallpaper

Marine flair also bring to the bedroom - failed intertwined sea rope

The gray-and-white sea rope is interwoven so interesting that it results in a fancy graphic print. This natural pattern comes out wonderfully, especially on an accent wall, as shown here.

Cuttlefish and other critter wall design ideas wallpaper

Cuttlefish and other creatures from the depths of the sea are a fabulous eye-catcher on the blue-green wallpaper background

We stay a bit longer with the maritime theme. On the wallpaper here is drawn a complicated mosaic depicting different creatures from the sea depths. The elegant pattern with fish, including squid, can serve as a great eye-catcher in any room.

Coral pattern cool wallpaper

Coral patterns can look sublime and give the ambience the finishing touch

coral pattern
Does not that look cute? Coral patterns are true classics in wallpaper printing! But be careful with this pattern, because it might be too intrusive in a small room, where in principle you spend a lot of time. In a less used area it looks sublime and gives the ambience the finishing touch.

Design wallpaper for kids room

Grass green or dear navy blue?

What color is important to you? Grass green or dear navy blue? You can dress your wall in one of the two super saturated shades. That looks great in every room! Note, however, the fact that this wallpaper is difficult to clean. So, this is not the best choice for kids' rooms, kitchens or for a much used area. The strong color can also make such rooms look messy.

Tropical tropical wallpaper for a modern look

Tropical leaves for a playful, exotic atmosphere at home

Tropical leaves.
A big, bold pattern like this one has enough pep to make the atmosphere in the room typically exotic. Try it on a single wall and keep the rest of the room crisp in black and white for a modern look. Tropical leaves as a wallpaper pattern are 100 percent eye-catcher in any setting.

Pink flamingos wall in the nursery

Is there anything more romantic than these pink flamingos on the wall in the nursery?

Pink flamingos
The sight of pink flamingos on the wall is sure to bring a happy smile to your face, right? If you like romance and exoticism in one, then these cute pink birds are made just for you.

beautiful wallpaper Tropical fish bathroom

Fish on the walls in the bathroom? How do you find that?

Tropical fish bring the exotic into the bathroom
We continue to bring exotic flair to the apartment, with great wallpaper patterns. The next example is undoubtedly a remarkable idea of ​​designers and interior designers. With this fancy wallpaper you bring tropical fish directly to the walls of your bathroom. Just look around the shops and find the right wallpaper for you. A little exotic flair can never hurt!

modern wavy pattern walls bathroom ideas

A subtle wave pattern makes the bathroom look stylish

Subtle wave pattern in the bathroom
This modern wave pattern looks like hand-drawn and the subtle color makes it a great choice for a fully wallpapered room. The black mirror frame stands here in contrast to the gauweiss walls in the bathroom, but no problem, which directs the view immediately on the mirror.

Graphic ideas for wallpaper pattern

The water world offers numerous ideas for wallpaper patterns

Whales in the bathroom! How does it work?
This graphic pattern brings a serene feel to your bathroom, which the kids will love for sure. This wallpaper design will also please fussy adults. If you want to create a nautical atmosphere in the hallway or staircase, then you have just the best tip for the most appropriate wallpaper!

Watermelons as wall tattoos modern wall ideas nursery room

Watermelons as wall tattoos spice up the wall in the nursery

Watermelon pattern
Now we leave the underwater world and show you something cute again. This is not really a wallpaper, but a wall tattoo that fits perfectly into a nursery or playroom. You can change the stickers as you please, or just replace them if they look too colorful.

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