Stylishly designed tables and stools with newspaper rack

Stylishly designed tables and stools with newspaper rack

If you occasionally magazine e like from time to time, you know it exactly . how difficult it is to find suitable space for reading and the room keep clean in case you over k have a magazine rack. But you might not n need such if you store your magazines right there in a special tray on your chair or table could , This concept makes things much easier by combining two independent functions in a single design. That's what we're all about today and we'll show you unusual tables with newspaper storage - a practical solution for your living room or home office.

coffee table-modern-living room-design

Successfully combining two functions into one design always brings many benefits

marble-table-coffee table-ideas

Small marble table with integrated magazine rack inside is suitable for the interior and for the outdoor area

This small, round table is made of marble and has a U shaped foot. He looks very elegant and brings some charm in your home design. Honestly, that's difficult to do with other materials. In addition, the marble also guarantees you more flexibility, with this unique table Have a fancy piece of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. The table has a round top and a cylindrical base with integrated magazine rack internally ,

wooden table

interesting designer wooden table with two leather bags for newspapers and magazines

The haptic beauty of this simply designed coffee table is obvious, it comes from the selection of used Materials. The actual table is pretty simple designed , a rectangular tabletop and four legs characterize it. On the table top right is a small box for the magazines and underneath hang two interesting leather bags used for the storage of magazines and newspapers are meant.

side table

You can easily transform this modern designed table and use it as a coffee table or as a side table

This small piece of furniture combines the same three functions in one good in a compact form. It can be used as a coffee table or side table to be used , used as a magazine rack or as a bedside table. e ine The cut-out opening on the side of the table provides a convenient storage space for books . while the large space inside the frame is used for magazines or even more books can ,

modern-coffee table design

The tree-like table shape immediately catches the eye

The unusual table shape should look like a tree or at least its shape in a more graphic way n Imitate manner. To make the design as practical as possible, you have two plates disposed , one horizontal and one angled. They form a small tip n shaped shelf for the storage of magazines and books n , These r muftifunctional coffee table fits wonderfully in a modern and eclectic interior

coffee table-design-wood board

coffee table-design-with-metal

coffee table design

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design-coffee table-box-wood-black

glass-coffee table design

modern-coffee table design

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wohnideen-coffee table design

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