Stylish dream apartment in Istanbul offers great views on Bosphorus project design from Studio 1508 London

Stylish dream apartment in Istanbul offers great views on Bosphorus project design from Studio 1508 London

This renovated two-storey attic apartment is located on the Bosphorus shore in Istanbul and the preliminary design was created by Studio 1508 London. In a very stylish way, the penthouse unites breathtaking views of the strait, a minimalist aesthetic and a sense of unobtrusive luxury together. The 330 square meter family home is part of a modest building built in 1970 on the European side of the strait. Its convenient location on the waterfront offers sweeping views of the Bosphorus.

Living room design ideas modern minimalist

The white flooring in the living room emphasizes the minimalist look of this modern penthouse

To take maximum advantage of the location of the penthouse and its magnificent views, the designers opted for an open floor plan of the living area, wide floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows with no frames, and seamless glass balustrades on the balcony. Great attention has been paid to ensuring that the view is not obstructed in any way. Even the edges of the windows have been specially designed and constructed to be seamless. As a result, the impressive panoramic view forms a picturesque wall and functions as an outstanding part of the interior of the penthouse.

Kitchen island modern kitchen in minimalist style picture window

The blue onyx in the kitchen gives the ambience an airy flair, which corresponds perfectly with the water around

The interior design refers to stylish simple furnishings without decorative elements and all additional decorations are avoided. In this way, the designers have achieved the trendy look of a minimalist aesthetic. The inconspicuous white ceilings in the apartment are spiced up by exquisite designer light bodies. The spacious kitchen offers plenty of storage space behind the luxurious doors of the kitchen cabinets. The clean lines and the bare surfaces are very neat and modern. This simple interior design allows the great view of Bosphorus to stand out and that is actually the strongest accent in the penthouse.

Hilztreppe Traumwohnung silver wall decoration

Geometric shapes and shadows as a great decoration element

The minimalist interior is balanced by functional choices and luxurious quality materials and textures. The natural stones gained in Turkey enhance the chic look of the apartment and bring character and individuality into the room.
Enjoy this minimalist design project from Studio 1508 London, where the surrounding nature creates an impressive interior accent.

minimalist staircase in dark wood silver wall design

The combination of dark wood and silver looks very stylish and exquisite

trendy bedroom pendant light white ceiling

To achieve a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom with neutral colors

dark bedside table in bedroom design hanging lamp

The thick carpets in pastel tones can be ideally enroll in the minimalist look of the apartment and give the room a warm coziness

minimalist bathroom with straight lines round mirror Granite wall paneling

Large dark granite tops replace the usual tiles in the bathroom to create a luxurious and minimalist look

seamless railing balcony design picture window white curtain

Great, breathtaking view of the Asian part of Istanbul

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