Stunning designs for the bathroom

Stunning designs for the bathroom

Retro bath with tadelakt

retro bathroom shower enclosure-tadelakt

Great bathroom in a retro look

The Tadelakt is an ancient Moroccan lime plaster and is well suited for wet rooms. It is very dense, firm and also water resistant. Its glossy effect will give your bathroom a luxurious and elegant touch. The shower and the flooring in retro look create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere in the bathroom.

Third Neutral colors in the bathroom

bathroom-great-tiled shower enclosure-glass wall

Elegant bathroom design in neutral colors

The stone look in neutral colors always brings a warm and cozy touch in every room. Cover the walls with high-quality tiles in matt, which resembles natural stone and complement the great look with a simple glass wall on the shower and retro decoration for the soaps and all Bathroom accessories.

4th Geometry for more style in the bathroom


The shower curtains are ideal for small bathrooms

With floor tiles in geometric patterns you can spice up the monochrome bathroom in a very elegant way. Give your bath a clean luxurious finish with a stylish shower curtain in harmony with the tile nuances and atypical decors such as elegant paintings or artworks.

5. Send s ambience in gray and marble

bathroom-mirror-bath cabinet-gros

The mirror can be a very strong accent in the bathroom

Do you want a simple and elegant atmosphere in the bathroom enjoy while creating a chic and luxurious interior? Dress a wall in the bathroom with high quality marble and furnish with gray furniture. Soften the austere radiance of gray color with stylish elements in warm nuances.

The white marble transforms the small bathroom into a noble designer treasure

bathtub-wall tiling-marble-bathroom

Create a modern and stylish bathroom with white marble slabs

Who says that only large rooms can look smart? If your bathroom is small, opt for white and glass in the interior. But avoid the strict, medical atmosphere that sometimes creates the pure white walls. The best choice in this case would be the white marble with elegant gray veins, with which you could cover the walls or lay the floor. With stylish glass elements you complement the noble look of your bath.

bathroom-bad-detached-bathtub-marble floor-modern

Designer bathroom with freestanding bath and great wall design with marble


The shiny silver tub is a modern accent in the bathroom

shower cubicle-yellow-tiled-glass wall-bathroom-vanity unit

Cozy bathroom with fresh yellow wall tiles in the shower cubicle

bathroom-mirror-round-woven basket carpet-bath cabinet

Great bathroom in boho style


Use the industrial style in your bath with deco tubes


The small black wall tiles turn this bathroom into a chic place at home

bathroom shower enclosure-wood-bad

Cool shower cabin made of natural wood

bathroom-grose-mirror-glass door shower enclosure design

Glass walls are a very nice and practical solution for every bathroom

as-tiles-wall tile-bad-sink bathroom-industrial-

Cool bathroom in industrial style

bathroom tiles-small-blue wooden floor

The marble gives the bathroom a luxurious and noble flair

sink bathroom-wall marble shower enclosure-glass wall-

Interesting looking bathroom with wall and floor tiles in retro look


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