Storage and decoration ideas for the hallway

Storage and decoration ideas for the hallway

The hallway must be functional in the first place, but that does not mean that we should pay less attention to it than the other rooms at home. The interior design allows the emphasis on certain furnishing elements. Is that also true for the hallway? Which pieces of furniture are part of the design and at the same time have a practical side?

Today we look at some examples in our picture gallery. Hopefully our ideas will find application in your home too.

Storage and corridor decoration

Would not the perfect hallway provide enough space for a shoe rack, a wardrobe, other accessories and a wall mirror? At the same time, he should not appear overloaded, but aesthetically pleasing.

Is there something missing? We really want to report on the seat and its function in the hallway. This piece of furniture offers space not only for sitting and putting on and taking off shoes, but also sets interesting accents in the entrance area. Namely the attention is directed to the carefully chosen decorative cushions. With the bench you can achieve a modern look and create more storage space. You could not go wrong with that.

Hallway wooden furniture Shoe cabinet Flurroom in white hallway furniture

Hallway with wooden furniture, shoe cabinet and hall in white decorated

Storage Basket Bench Wall Shelf Rustic Shabby Chic floorboard furniture

Rustic storage basket also serves as a bench in shabby chic style

large wall mirror corridor design wooden plank furniture

Large wall mirror completes the corridor design made of wood

Bench made of wood modern rustic-plank furniture

Rustic wooden bench for the hallway

Stylish corridor design made of oak wood

Stylish corridor design made of oak wood

As a material for the hallway furniture, we can only recommend oak wood from Trendomat. Its advantages are numerous, but it can not always be aesthetically combined. The interior designers claim that the wood looks much better in upmarket traditional facilities.

As you can see in the photos, the oak wood could be quietly used in the hallway at the entrance. In modern and minimalist design you should avoid it, otherwise it adds to the elegance and traditional look.

Wooden bench for the corridor creative modern-plank furniture

Wooden bench for the hallway in a creative, modern look

Mid century wood bench storage hallway furniture

Mid Century wooden bench with storage space

Bench with drawers Children's plank furniture

Bench with drawers right on the stairs - a great seating area for your children!

Vintage colorful fresh storage trim ladies hat plank furniture

Vintage colorful arrangement and impressive storage idea for women's hats

Hallway with wooden stairs traditional design ideas-hallway furniture

Hallway with wooden staircase - the traditional design idea

Hall storage space mirrors oval plank furniture

Chic designed hallway with oval mirror

Console in white with small drawers chic modern laminate floor plank furniture

Chest of drawers in white with small drawers

Wall shelf made of wood gift idea floorboard furniture

Wall shelf made of wood in a simple design

Wall shelf mirror round modern-hallway furniture

Tiny tray in the hallway with a mirror on the wall

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