Step by step to the balanced garden

Step by step to the balanced garden

The Feng Shui bagua in the garden

The bagua grid is a Feng Shui instrument that helps to optimize the flow of energy in the home or garden so that the energy can flow freely. The bagua has 9 zones or 9 areas of life that can be activated or calmed with certain aids. The Baguazones are symbolic and should be interpreted in the figurative sense.

the-feng shui bagua

Life path and career
This area is associated with the north and the element of water, so here are curved paths and running water particularly good as well as flowers with flowing or hanging forms such as bluebells and orchids. Blue and white flowering plants such as cranesbill, marigold (Armeria maritima subsp. Maritima 'Alba') or lavender are also recommended.

This area is assigned to the southwest and the element earth, so you can create a rock garden here or build a small garden shed. The partnership can flourish with red and yellow flowers like Dahlia (Dahlia). Even gypsophila (Gypsophila paniculata) and lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) help. Flat and square flower beds are also well suited.

This area belongs to the east and the element wood, so it is perfect for a seat, preferably with a table and wooden chairs. Highly suitable plants such as bamboo and magnolia as well as other tree species are well suited.

This area is assigned to the southeast and the Elemet wood. Strong plants, good light and a source of water or fountains are essential here. Also hanging plants and flower boxes with geraniums find their place here. Succulents such as money tree (Crassula ovata) or rhododendron (Sempervivum) are also recommended. Here is also the right place for a kitchen garden.

Tai Chi Center
This area represents the midlife and vigor. The element is earth. Free energy flow is especially important here. Grass, sand or pebble surfaces are therefore particularly well suited. Accessories made of ceramic, stone or terracotta underline this area.

Helpful friends
This area is associated with the northwest and with the element metal. Since he symbolizes the support of the outside, no individual objects or sculptures should be placed here, but those that symbolize relationships. The flowers are silvery or golden shimmering flowers or trees, but also tulips and daffodils are good.

The direction is west, the element - metal. This is a good area for playground with swings, sandpit or climbing frames. Fruit and ornamental trees, classic bookballs or other spherical plants are particularly well suited here. However, this zone also stands for new projects, so vegetable patches and berry bushes also find their place.

This zone is connected to the element Earth, the Northeast and the colors yellow, orange and brown. This is the ideal place for a retreat, a secluded sitting area or a rock garden.

This area corresponds to the south, the color red and the element fire, therefore the garden grill finds its right place here. Precious objects, plants with beautiful flowers such as jasmine, lilac and roses, sparkling lamps and lights are very important here.

A little bit of everything, nothing too much - so you could easily explain how a garden should be designed according to Feng-Shui. The balance is important.

Blue flowers-under-clip-life-and-career

Design the garden with Feng Shui Bagua

curved-way in-garden

vegetable garden-in-area-of-wealth

lawn-sand-and-pebble flat-im-center-of-garden

Seating in the range-of-family


Rockery in the field of partnership


water-in-area-of-life cycle

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