If you want a new, modern look in your home to make it even more comfortable, we have a brave solution for you today! Have you ever wondered what happens when the extraordinary is mixed with art and interacts with light?

Sofa Knitted Blanket Decorative Cushion Book Hanging Lamp Light Blue Gray Beige concrete decoration

Monochrome device in light gray

I will explain it to you immediately - the result is concrete! The really unusual and often underestimated material by customers and colleagues is becoming more and more popular. A lamp, a candle, a fireplace, a piece of furniture or whatever comes to your mind can be set in concrete. I do not want to waste your time today, so we will focus on just a few exciting items - for example, concrete lamps and fireplaces.

Dining table dining table chairs wood decorative vase flowers modern-decoration made of concrete

The cut flowers bring a colorful swab in this light gray ambience

This material, when properly lit, looks very cool. Sometimes such a composition may seem futuristic. In conjunction with the other items in the house, however, the results are excellent. You can easily create a clear interior in terms of colors and system.

Dining room Dining table Chairs Table Hanging lamp Lighting Modern Black White Red concrete decoration

As you can see, the small details bring your interior to a higher level

The magic lies in the little things

Amazingly, the cold can be mitigated by this material.

The simple classical forms of the photographed lamps give a new sense of spaciousness and reveal a peculiar approach to mixed materials. Concrete on top, wood in the middle and metal inside - nevertheless the neutral feeling is retained. When we talk concrete about concrete, we agree that he has a strict modern look and urban flair. The amazing thing is in the details - everything seems to be done immaculately. For example, consider this concrete candle holder made on the basis of a modular system. You could easily combine the different parts and adapt the various shapes to the respective home design.

Indoor Fireplace Metal Modern Art Picture Floor Lamp Decoration Concrete

Interesting hearth of concrete and metal

The use of concrete for fireplaces is most prevalent when the talk is of course about extraordinary solutions. For our curious readers - EcoSmart Fire offers outdoor fireplaces with an interesting design and a mix of futurism and classicism that I think would be wonderful in your garden.

Entrance outside area lighting hearth vascular stairs round decoration made of concrete

The entrance area must always be well lit.

Candlestick detail decoration made of concrete

Candlestick - Details

Hanging lamp metal elements flower planter toy decoration made of concrete

From metal and concrete, much can be created

Garden outdoor area hearth stones Hozl plants shrubs round-decoration made of concrete

Modern fireplaces for outdoor use

Candles candle holder white decoration made of concrete

Candles and candle holders in white

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