Spend a relaxing weekend at home? What could you do?

Spend a relaxing weekend at home? What could you do?

To really recharge your batteries to be able to . think better about what you want to do, not what you have to do during your precious weekend getaway

W ir all Looking forward to the weekend, but when it comes, it is devoured by errands and tasks - and before we know it, it's over. That's unfair! When you are ready, really relaxing and amusing You have to spend your weekend there With begin, Your thinking to change. B judge your weekend when on s "Mini Retreat" - a well deserved opportunity to rest and recover to gather new energy, to recharge your batteries. Of course you do not give every weekend the chance, but if one exists, you can use it. We have a list of great ideas put together for weekend activities for you. Activities are well said, but honestly these are mostly good tips to keep up with the pace of everyday life slow it down , Follow our advice and you can soon breathe easier and enjoy your next environment.

Tips for a restful morning


Stay in bed longer in the morning, read something or drink your coffee there. Laze on the weekend!

Start your weekend directly With Your r first n Cup of coffee! Drink the encouraging drink outside in the garden, if the weather plays along , take a deep breath of fresh morning air and relax Yourself. You still feel the need, yours e incoming calls to check or turn on the laptop? Instead, get a pencil and a leaf Paper and make a list of things you on the weekend want to do. It is equally important also everything write down what you over the weekend Not do want , Have you planned a house cleaning? That's a job which you usually do yourself. So, is the off-work weekend really the best time for that?

Organize your own recreation corner

herbal tea

Enjoy your herbal tea in peace!

If you want to go for a walk or a walk r Cycling tour return home . Do you need a little refreshment, right? Prepare a refreshing drink with fresh mint and a few slices of lemon. Give yourself a big glass on and enjoy It while you through your favorite book scroll.

Spice up your living space

colorful-deco pillows

Put a few colorful decorative cushions on the couch, put fresh flowers in the vase and you've made it! Your living room looks different now, right?

Now you can get a CD on put and beautiful music hear! At the same time you can plan a renovation of your living space. There is no need to do something News for its design to buy , They think creative and working you with what you have. Sometimes it works well to move things from room to room, some new art plants issue , And what do you say about the pile? family photos ? You can also put these in scene. Or pull a few textiles from their hiding place and that would be everything you need to give your living space a fresh look. Maybe it stands Shopping on your agenda for the weekend ? Then you better go in a small, local business or on the flea market and avoid long lines in the big shops n. Also, you never know what treasures you might find in the little shop.

Invite friends for tea!


Organize a chat hour with your friends over tea and cake

When was the last time you were together with a few friends were? Download it tea and organize a cozy chat hour at home! That would be a great way to get back together and chat. Prepare some as well treats to tea - a cake or a Bowl with fresh Berry , It exists no need even something to bake . unless you want to do that!

Picnic in the backyard to organize


In fine weather, you can organize a picnic in the backyard every weekend

Whether you are at the farmers market during your morning walk s have shopped or only that use want what you have on hand You can have a simple and fresh weekend Having lunch prepare. Crostini with tapenade, crunchy vegetables sprinkled with a little salt, a wholegrain salad are just perfect for the purpose. Oh, yes, and do not forget the dessert! A bowl of berries for dessert would do everyone good! If the weather sunny is then you can have a great picnic out in the backyard, right? Everything tastes better in the fresh air! And when it's raining or cold, relocate Just have a picnic on the dining table. There you can still with the addition of hot soup and hot tea warm up.

Read and relax in a comfortable place


Outside or inside you have to enjoy a few hours of full relaxation, at least over the weekend!

Whether it is a sunny window be or a e hammock in the Backyard, There you could spend hours with your favorite reading in hand. Choose the best place in the house and retreat there from the dynamic present. At least for a few hours. Take pens and notes , If you are the lecture inspired and you write down your thoughts want. This is called pure relaxation!

Plan a great dinner inspired by your last vacation


Dine with friends and family on the weekend and enjoy the time!

You want to organize a cozy dinner at home and still do not know how to do that exactly? We can help you right now! Remember the immaculately prepared, fresh fish you ate during your Caribbean vacation? Or like the delicate one crab cakes tastes in southern countries? Or how you like that lobster roll poured in a restaurant on the beach? Or how wonderful each one warm and pleasant meal in the small Italian trattoria on vacation was? Yes, Dinner is often an event which can cheer you up. Whether you cook the food yourself or order it, choose something Light and delicious for your weekend dinner! This holiday-inspired Mood You can share with good friends and your family while quieter Music and candles light. Could you think of something better for the weekend dinner?

Serve an aperitif with appetizers outdoors


By candlelight and under fairy lights you can enjoy your free time in the evening to the fullest

O It's the small things that make everyday life in something Specific s transform and improve the mood. One way to do that would be to have a late meal outside in the fresh air. It is important that you change the usual place for dinner. Serve drinks and small munchies in the garden or on the terrace in front/ to the food and enjoy them in good company. A few Candles and lights Chains would make the atmosphere even more intimate ,

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