Sleep healthy and comfortable!

Sleep healthy and comfortable!

It is no secret that for a healthy sleep we need a well-furnished room with a pleasant light, fresh air supply and finely selected furniture and textiles, all of which together create a healthy indoor climate. To stay healthy, do not use materials that emit pollutants in the bedroom.

It is a secret, however, how exactly your own bedroom is both healthy and comfortable, so that it enchants with a special feeling, with the desired security and with a lot of charm. This is the place where we are right at home and allowed to be who we really are. Here are no general solutions, because this is very individual. That is why it is important to find out what kind of walls and furniture, which colors and textures, which light and decoration should be chosen, which correspond to one's own sense of style and taste. We may not feel it right away, but sometimes there is that certain something in a single detail, like the white texture of the wood on the wall, the four-poster bed, or simply the lighted access to the beautiful porch we need to get on with it feel.

The next examples offer numerous possibilities and ideas for the design of a very comfortable bedroom.

The white texture of the wooden wall reminiscent of the forest, the narrowness of the room and the low vaulted ceiling close the room, draw attention to the cozy bed with the cute little bedside tables and let him fall through the window outside on the trees a very romantic bedroom for a cozy get-together.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 1

The direct access to the veranda and the stately bed complete the atmosphere in this vivid, stylishly decorated bedroom in soft colors.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 2

The mood in this quiet, quirky bedroom, with its warm wood furniture, imposing bedspread patterns, slanted walls and a bow window, wafts the fine touch of a northern, monastic tradition this is a dorm room of special taste.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 3

This exceptionally inviting, cozy, country-style bedroom, with its colorful, cottage-like walls and veranda overlooking the lush, green forest, brings its visitors to the thrill and charms them with details such as the delicate bouquet of daisies, bedspreads with northern patterns and the old treasure chest.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 4

A royal bedroom ambience in the middle of the forest, with beautiful wallpaper, a unique four-poster bed, antique furniture and textiles in fresh floral patterns.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 5

This rustic-style bedroom, like a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, has a rustic wood panel, upholstered bed and woven rug.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 6

Spacious bedroom with a classic sleigh bed, antiques and a cozy reading seat by the window between bookshelves.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 7

Mixed-style bedroom with classic four-poster bed, modern decor and oriental rugs.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 8th

Quiet, dark bedroom in muted blue-gray colors with a single bed and wooden walls in American style.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 9

Small, cozy bedroom in white colors with wooden beams and window over the head and a large picture in warm colors.

Sleep healthy and comfortable! 10

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