Silver cleaning? How does that work?

Silver cleaning? How does that work?

Maybe you've inherited silverware from your grandparents, which looks pretty crowded now? Or you especially like to wear your newly purchased silver jewelry? In both cases, the right silver care will improve its appearance many times. Do you know exactly how to clean silver at home? If you are not informed about it, then just read on and learn 10 great tricks for silver cleaning!

Clean vintage silver cutlery

Basically you should not use coarse-grained cleaning agents

The silverware can be cleaned with a mixture of chalk and ammonia. You must dip the tarnished silver in this mixture and then dry with a soft towel.

Antique silver silver pot of tea

English silver teapot

First clean the silver with lukewarm water and soap. While still warm, a mixture of sodium thiosulphate and water 3: 1 is applied to the surface. Even tarnished cutlery will radiate clean within minutes. Finally, rub dry with a rag.

Silverware high quality cleaning home remedies

The chemical reaction of the substances used makes the silver shine

Silver jewelry and other accessories look better when they are cleaned with cigar bags.

Started Silver Get the antique clean

silver cutlery

Add 72% diced cube to the boiling water and keep the silverware in it. Finally, they are rubbed dry with the help of sawdust.

Stainless steel silverware care shine

Clean cloths for drying and polishing must always be kept ready

Put silver cutlery in soapy water, add 20 drops of ammonia and brush off with a brush. At the end leave 1-2 hours in the sawdust.

Silver cutlery trim drawer

After cleaning, rinse under clear water and dry

Silver jugs or cooking pots should be placed in the oven at high temperature and then boiled in the following liquid: 400 grams of water, 25 grams of salt and 10 grams of tartaric acid.

Cutlery box wood retro silverware

Silver cutlery set

The silver forks will look new when you put them in hot water with sodium carbonate after eating. It is recommended to clean the cutlery every 3-4 months with a mixture of soapy water and 30 grams of ammonia.

Silverware keep the cutlery antique clean

silver cutlery

Dark spots are rubbed away with the help of ash or lukewarm vinegar.

Silver cleaning bicarbonate water sponge

Silver cutlery as a gift idea

The wax on the candle holders should under no circumstances be removed with a knife. It is best to pour the objects with hot water and then clean them.
The rust is cleaned off with the help of warm vinegar. Finally, keep under running warm water and dry.

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