Setup tips for the middle edge of the Bagua

Setup tips for the middle edge of the Bagua

Bagua Zone family - strengthen personal roots

This zone represents the past as the basis for the present and the future. It symbolizes personal growth potential, so it should be structured as clearly as possible and be freed from all old and no longer needed energy. This zone has wood energy, so upwardly aspiring forms and decorative items are quite well suited. Beautifully framed pictures, a photo wall and heirlooms harmonize this area. Beautiful houseplants or fresh flowers look nice here. An indoor fountain or aquarium could find its place in this zone. Colors with rich shades of green, turquoise and blue fit wonderfully and enhance the energy of the family. Metal should be avoided in this area in any case.

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Large houseplants or fresh flowers in the Bagua zone of the family

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Bagua Zone Tai Chi - boosting health

This zone is located right in the center of Bagua and stands for health and inner balance. It ensures the optimal distribution of life energy Chi in all other areas, so the center is very important. It should be left free and by no means blocked with heavy furniture. After Feng Shui, the Tai Chi Zone is assigned the element Earth. Therefore yellow and ocher tones harmonize at this point. A beautiful, balanced design with images with centering motifs, light sources, rainbow crystals, rock crystal tips or DNA spirals will boost health. Also tapestries with geometric figures and mandalas energize the Tai Chi Center. Items made of earth materials such as stone, clay or ceramics are ideal. Terracotta tiles, mosaics and carpets highlighting the center of the room, as well as a round, star-shaped or octagonal ceiling ornament in the shape of a rosette, also stimulate the energies of the center. Light can not be enough, because it strengthens the element of fire and promotes good health.

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Bagua Zone Kids - Promote creativity and imagination

In Feng Shui, this area symbolizes the beginning and the life that is constantly recreated. The relationship with children as well as their development, but also their own ideas, inspiration and all creative are conceived and promoted in this Bagua zone. Anything that appeals to the five senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and stimulating the imagination - can be wonderfully used to set up and design this area. Works of art, music, images of fire-red sunsets, flowers and home-made, imaginative objects will harmoniously influence the energies of the corresponding elements - metal and earth. All metals, glass and crystals are recommended here. In the color scheme are white, silver and gold. Furniture and accessories can have round and plump shapes, shiny or dull. Another effective Feng Shui measure in this zone can be a sound play.

The element of water is completely to be avoided in Bagua Zone children. With the element fire you should be very careful or better avoid it altogether.


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