Set up the bathroom after Feng Shui

Set up the bathroom after Feng Shui

The Chinese teaching supports us in all areas of life and gives us useful tips in the design of living spaces. The bathroom is not to be underestimated. Much can be said about its symbolic meaning. For example, flows together with the dirty water from the negative energy. Scroll down and find out more useful tips on how to set up your bathroom according to the Feng Shui rules!

Bathroom in blue vanity unit hanging

Pleasant sense of space through the same covering for walls and bath paneling

transparent shower enclosures countertop washbasin

Bathroom should not be above the kitchen area

Freestanding Bathtub

Keep the bathroom clean and organized, otherwise the chi energy will drain

What do you have to watch out for when buying an apartment?

According to Feng Shui, the bathroom and toilet should be as far away from the front door as possible. The reason for this is that the positive energy Chi is lost through the door without being able to flow through the rooms first.

Immediately next to the kitchen is also no real place for the bathroom. Take this point into account in your eventual purchase of an apartment. The location of the bathroom just above a kitchen, on the second floor, is also detrimental. Symbolically, the negative energy is led into the dining area. This has a damaging effect on both health and wealth.

Floor tiles bathroom luxury

The metal element is represented here by round shapes and the white color

small bathroom

Shower area instead of bathtub

Bathtub wall basin separate dark blue wall paint

Noble materials add a touch of luxury

Feng Shui bathroom

Promotion of chi-life energy through the elements of metal and wood

The northern orientation is favorable for a bath. A bathroom with north-west orientation would also be an option if you place a large cactus plant to the right of the door. A wrong location could be the cause that all the energy in the house is disturbed.

Walls half-high tile bathroom

Achieve freshness and harmony through the green wall paint

small bathroom design Feng Shui living ideas

For uniform effect walls and floors with the same materials

Harmonic effect bathroom

With cream, beige and sand tones, the presence of the element compensates for water

harmonious atmosphere bathroom feng shui

Natural light for peace and comfort

Bathroom frame corner sink

Natural light and ceiling lighting make the bathroom more comfortable

The floor in the bathroom should not be higher than the rest of the floor. By the way, the bathroom should not be near the stairwell.
Further features and hygiene rules according to Feng Shui:

Keep the bathroom clean and organized so that the pure energy can flow properly.

Always close the door and turn down the toilet lid!

The mirror should be spotless, the shower curtains should never look old or torn

Buy new toothbrushes regularly

If necessary, make necessary repairs immediately!

Bathroom colors wood elements oval bathtub

Matching color combinations according to Feng Shui

Bathroom natural colors

Stow utensils in the bathroom possibly behind closed doors

Designer bathroom stylish decor

Wellness oasis in your own four walls

Recommended are color combinations with beige, snow white, light blue, gray. To avoid red and black, because thus poverty can be caused, according to Feng Shui. Stick to these simple rules and bring luck to your side.

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