Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality

Scandinavian design has been gaining in popularity since the middle of the last century and has become very popular with designers and homeowners worldwide in recent years. Even more: at present, numerous Scandinavian and international designers are involved in the topic of "Scandinavian living", so that this style of furnishing is likely to continue to be successfully implemented and described as cutting-edge. Scandinavian design and Nordic life are certainly still in demand for many years. They impress with their simple style, soft colors and perfect functionality. In terms of weather and nature, living comfort in one 's own home in the Scandinavian countries plays an important role. There, the feeling of security is paired with lasting simplicity in the interior design, so that one glides carefree through everyday life and enjoys his freedom. Because living in Scandinavia means simply living, in addition to being cozy, individual and sustainable. In our dynamic everyday life we ​​are constantly striving for these characteristics of the Nordic lifestyle and trying to furnish our own apartment Scandinavian.

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 1

Minimalist, modern and flexible - simply Scandinavian!

Here we try to summarize the advantages of the Scandinavian design and want to show you what makes this living and lifestyle so popular.

  • Scandinavian design is inspired by the Nordic nature

As you know, nature is the greatest artist, it is also the biggest source of inspiration for the Scandinavians. They prefer natural materials and simple forms, which are strongly oriented to the Nordic nature. In the Scandinavian design you do without frills and other fashionable ornaments, which you can not find outside in nature. In harmony with the long winters in the north and the snow-covered landscapes, a lot of white is used in the interior design. This is the basic color of the walls, numerous pieces of furniture, carpets and other home accessories. The white color is combined with light wood. Spruce, pine and birch come into question here. First, these woods are widespread in the north, as such trees grow in the Scandinavian forests. Second, the resulting wood is robust and durable. The furniture is executed in subtle shades of color and simple, harmonious, nature inspired shapes and can make every home look timelessly beautiful, modern and comfortable over many years.

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In Scandinavian design, natural materials and simple shapes are preferred

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 3

The basic color is white, it reflects the light and makes the room appear visually larger

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 4

The children's play area is Scandinavian, where the white color is combined with light wood nuances

  • Minimalism and maximum functionality go hand in hand with Scandinavian design

Scandinavian architects and interior designers like open living spaces and functional room furnishings. Scandinavian apartments are designed to be minimalist and flexible, and at the same time they are very inviting and appealing. Stylish simplicity and perfect functionality dominate there. The furniture is executed in bright colors and easy to use in different rooms. Their functionality is simply unbeatable. The interior design is defined by clear and straight forms. Popular are graphic patterns and motifs from the Nordic nature such as animals and trees. But bright colors dominate everywhere, reflecting the light of day and making the home even more comfortable. The room lighting also plays an important role here. There are always many lamps and lights in Scandinavian design, as well as many candles, mostly white ones. These complete the Scandinavian look.

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Minimalism and functionality prevail in Scandinavian design, which is why the apartments are very cozy and inviting

  • Scandinavian design is a symbol of the equal, democratic lifestyle

At this point we want to look back on the history, because the Scandinavian design is based from the beginning on the principles of equality and democracy. The use of natural materials, shapes and motifs is due to the Scandinavians' love of nature. The simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian furniture and home accessories should be interpreted as a definitive symbol of Scandinavian thinking and the inhabitants of the northern countries are definitely on equal footing and democracy. Everything that corresponds to the Scandinavian design should be accessible to everyone and is offered at affordable prices. The famous 1952 Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen (Ant Chair) still remains the best-selling product of many furniture companies. Ikea furniture has been causing a sensation in the industry lately and is gaining in popularity. Because they illustrate all the principles of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 6

Design for everyone

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 7

The famous Chair Ant Chair designed by Arne Jacobson in 1952 still captivates with its simplicity and functionality

Scandinavian design continues to be a symbol of stylish simplicity, trendy nonchalance and optimal functionality and will certainly continue to win new fans. If we have aroused your interest in Scandinavian design and you would like to set up your home Scandinavian and design, then you can get a detailed insight into Scandinavian home accessories. Because at You can find what your heart desires in terms of Scandinavian design and Scandinavian lifestyle.

Have fun browsing and a good success in your plan to set up your own four walls Scandinavian!

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 8

Scandinavian design furnishing tips

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 9

Functional and beautiful

Scandinavian design - minimalism meets functionality 10

Open spaces and functional room furnishings are typical of the Scandinavian design

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