Salt & Pepper shakers - some sets that make the difference

Salt & Pepper shakers - some sets that make the difference

These shapely salt pepper spreader We could call it a mixture of something everyday, art and architecture , The Sets make every dinner even more enjoyable and effective. Straightforward, sleek design or funny characters - we have all the examples. Do you want to watch also?

The spherical designer throwing cans swing back and forth, but do not tip over. On the stainless steel there are small slits that salt and pepper describe.

Sphere design and stainless steel look kitchen utensils. Metal look

Ball design and stainless steel look

These stylish table accessories in playful form provide a relaxed table ambience and surprised guests.

These artful spice mills give your kitchen accessories a new look. The ball Round shape fits perfectly in the hand and is operated with the push of a button. The black pad adds a touch of male character to the set.

Salt and pepper mill made of acrylic and stainless steel spice mills spherical

Salt and pepper mill made of acrylic and stainless steel

A slim set on a secure grip made of bamboo. The simple stainless steel contrasts beautifully with the traditional look of the exotic wood.

Nice and stylish gift salt shaker pepper shaker design

Nice and stylish gift

Not only for Harry Potter fans, there is this enchanting set. Something different is now spiced with the wand in his hand.

Salt and pepper shakers set as a magic wand gift idea

Salt and pepper shakers set as a magic wand

The only scattered hole in the middle of the star ensures ideal salt distribution. The sturdy plastic material protects against breakage.

Mr. Salt & Miss Pepper deserve a place of credit on every table. The brisk colors make us think of Pop Art.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper kitchen utensils play table decoration

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper

The clear, modern shapes of these salt pepper shakers could be part of the Scandinavian or Nordic style. The minimalist scatter sets are made of high quality stainless steel and oak.

The spice jars as a practical investment salt shaker pepper shaker stainless steel

The spice jars as a practical investment

The unique salt and pepper shaker set has been produced from an unexpected combination of hand-blown glass and cork. This small kitchen accessory brings a playful touch to the dining table.

Optical presentation of spices table accessories salt shaker cork glass

Optical presentation of the spices

Glass kitchen helpers and cork salt shakers Pepper shakers

Kitchen gadgets made of glass and cork

Vintage style hand mills - these are so cute, just to fall in love with! Despite the old-fashioned appearance, the steel grinder is equipped with stepless grind adjustment , Stability and timeless shape are undoubtedly their strong features.

Timeless Classic Classic Hand Mills Spice Mills Vintage Look

Timeless living classics

Storage can optics and cool colors make this salt and pepper shaker set. Stainless steel lids add a certain dynamic to the overall look. The high-quality ceramic makes these products perfect as a gift, because they are a purchase for life with their solid and minimalist design.

Accessories for the Scandinavian design salt and pepper shaker set stainless steel lid

Accessories for the Scandinavian design

The great and modern spice set in letter forms with Nickel coating is a real eye-catcher, which is a lot of fun ,

Trendy salt and pepper mill kitchen accessories spice shaker letters

Trendy salt and pepper mills

How great is this set? The salt looks like snow in winter, while the pepper is in a desert landscape. So you can taste your food and at the same time effectively decorate your table.

Playful design spice set made of glass and porcelain

Playful design

These compact watering cans in the noble look would certainly please any gardener. Silver plated surface and slightly rustic look make this elegant spice set.

Watering can design with silvered surface spice shaker gardener

Watering can design with silvered surface

Actual mills with easy handling and correct dosage! The modern design made of glass makes the content visible and thus looks appetizing.

Salt and pepper shakers set of glass kitchen decor ideas

Salt and pepper shaker set made of glass

Salt and pepper shaker set with toothpick holder and small porcelain vase serves as the enthralling centerpiece at the table. The maple and walnut backing adds strength. The vase can be designed with seasonal cut flowers.

Wonderful accessory for the family table kitchen accessories

Wonderful accessory for the family table

This chunky and sturdy set adds an industrial touch to the interior. Both containers are equipped with small plus and minus. The plus-opening spreads larger amount, while at minus you can be much more economical with it.

Concrete salt and pepper container spice jars

Concrete salt and pepper containers

Craftsmanship at a high level: The fine porcelain, as well as the unique geometric shape fit optically and functionally to modern facilities.

Handmade salt and pepper shaker home accessories

Handmade salt and pepper shakers

The cute oil dispenser keeps the ring-shaped salt and pepper containers. Out of order on the table, the sleek set creates a colorful accent in the kitchen area.

Round-shaped table set oil, salt and pepper shakers modern

Round table set for oil

This creatively designed product in minimalist design brings with it easy handling and Playfulness on the family table. The ball is intended for pepper, the container for salt.

Creative kitchen accessory salt shaker pepper shaker

Creative kitchen accessory

Bring a touch of tropical atmosphere into your own kitchen: the salt and pepper shaker set are designed as tiny pineapple and even have slightly diamond-shaped surfaces. The shiny material looks classy and trendy.

Eye-catching design vintage salt and pepper mill fruits

Interesting design - salt and pepper mill in the form of fruits

These fun little container with feet will definitely turn into your favorite home accessories. The classic choice of materials can be combined with any kitchen utensils.

Uniqueness and a lot of charm salt shaker pepper shaker porcelain

Uniqueness and a lot of charm

The Nessie Oil Salt Pepper Dispenser keeps you on the ball. Surprise your guests with this unusual, monstrous spice rack.

Special table accessory salt shaker unique porcelain

Special table accessory

These small porcelain containers have disguised as stacked stones. The salt shaker is smooth, while the pepper shaker has a haptic, rugged surface. The underlay could be used as a snack and dip dish.

Steinmännchen for the kitchen salt shaker pepper shaker kitchen helper ideas

Little cairn for the kitchen

Black and white set that gives your table extra refinement. The roundels are probably the oldest wooden toys for toddlers, so the contrast is striking here. The kitchen accessory made of lacquered stoneware convinces with a simple, modern design.

Spinning top design for salt and pepper-living accessories

Spinning top design for salt and pepper

Our last idea for today would look great in the country kitchen. The spreader for Salt, pepper, nutmeg and other spices have great chicken shapes and charm in every kitchen.

Porcelain chickens for rustic charm kitchen accessories modern spice shaker glass

Glass chickens for rustic charm

The Trendomat team could not agree on a single favorite set. How is your situation?

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