Rose Quartz & Serenity: trend colors of the year 2016

Rose Quartz & Serenity: trend colors of the year 2016

Product development in fashion and design is a big factor. In 2016, it's the delicate pink and the cool baby blue, which can actually be easily inscribed into the home design. See for yourself:

Gentle Modern Shades Wall Colors Trend Fashion Light Blue Serenity

Gentle modern nuances of the wall colors

Serenity comes out very well, especially in the competition of neutral colors such as white and light gray. For that reason, this nuance makes the perfect wall paint that! Subtle tones of green, brown and yellow can also be perfectly combined with it.
We perceive light blue as natural in the interior, its effect can be described as calming. In the bedroom or home office, this color would look gorgeous.
Since light blue can look a bit cool, plush textiles and earthy materials are brought into play.

Pink Quartz as Side Table Living Room Trend Colors Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz and Serenity dominate the room

Rose Quartz is eye-catching and dominates the interior with surprising ease. The color also adds a touch of elegance to the room.
Choose the nuance for a central piece of furniture, whether in the form of a sofa or side table. It will radiate sophistication in your living room. The background colors are white, beige and light gray.

Quiet place to sleep-set up carpet light blue bedroom

Quiet place to sleep, choose soft colors

In case you do not dare to paint your four walls in light blue, we have another possible solution for you. Bring the color in the form of home textiles in the interior: a bedspread, decorative pillows or a carpet would just relax. In the bedroom you can reach a varied design through the different types of fabrics.

Pink Quartz as Side Table Living Room Trend Colors Pink Quartz

The warm pink quartz looks great as an accent wall. In the living room, this wall paint would emphasize the effect of an existing fireplace. In the high-end kitchen system, it could showcase the high-quality appliances in heavenly fashion.

Delicate Table Top Rose Quartz Serenity Shabby Chic Inspiration

Delicate table decoration in trendy colors for 2016

Not coincidentally, both colors of Pantone were put together. Side by side, they create a nice contrast and spice up any interior!
One option is to choose one of the two colors as dominant and the other to remain as a subordinate tone. For example, you can design a sofa in Serenity with decorative cushions in Rose Quartz.
Both basic colors can also be applied in equal amounts by placing them in the decor as accents. Accessories like the place setting in the photo will look very stylish in the interior.

Which color do you like better? If you integrate one into your living space, you can count on a trendy, elegant look.

Cosiness in pleasant colors-wall color Serenity Trend modern elegant

Cosiness in pleasant colors

Room in pink-furnished feminine elegant glass table

Room in pink

Set up trendy dining room with color effect serenity trend

Trendy dining room with color effect

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