Room design in light tones

Room design in light tones

Friendly and bright light shades invite you to dream. In every living room, where white, cream, nude and rose shape the interior, one has the feeling of lightness, breadth and an optimistic attitude towards life. Carpe Diem - use the day! This philosophy accompanies the interior design in bright tones in the truest sense of the word. Because the love of decorating, the joy of stylish accessories and elegant furniture easily find their light color nuances appeal and are also very customizable.

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Friendly and bright light shades in this living room invite you to dream

Creative arrangements of creative decorations can be easily achieved with light tones, because these colors are very popular and timeless. The fashion trends are changing. Bright tones are always in. For this reason, can be found on the market again and again beautiful offers of home accessories and furniture in bright tones. Whether lampshades, chairs, console tables or home textiles in unobtrusive colors - in a double pack, such decorative objects look very smart.


Gold fits wonderfully with bright colors

With a little skill and imagination, every kitchen with its dark fronts can be redecorated to a piece of jewelery through white doors and drawers, bright trim and work surfaces. Combined with a little gold or silver you can reach charm and noble elegance in no time, not only in the kitchen, but also in all other rooms.


Bright tones are always in fashion

With some attention to detail, lots of good ideas that you can find in our picture gallery and a sense of styling you could restore old pieces of furniture, freshly upholster them and put them together to a harmonious whole in light tones. So you achieve individuality in each room of the apartment and create your own luxury! These include, for example, shining bowls that can serve for the stylish storage of little things or as decoration on a whitewashed table. Pewter wall sconces, mirrors, and console tables made of light-colored wood, such as lime wood, iron beds, and crisp white linens all fit in with this style. Restrained simple or very noble - the multi-faceted color white sets the tone here.

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In a double pack, decorative objects look very smart

romantic bedroom-in-bright-colored

Romantic bedroom in bright colors


Brass and silver go well with bright colors


Individuality in every room of the apartment

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