Romantic under the roof - creative design options for the bedroom in the attic

Romantic under the roof - creative design options for the bedroom in the attic

The loft should not be considered just a huge storage space in the house. Depending on its architecture you can design very practical rooms, such as a romantic bedroom on a small area. With this reasonable decision you will get an extra room to your apartment. And not only that - in this way, you treat yourself to a very quiet place in your house, since everything else happens on the lower floors and your privacy really stays private and personal.

modern-bedroom-flat-roof sloping-compensate

With cabinets made to order you will not lose a centimeter because of the sloping roof

In this article we show you 12 practical and at the same time romantic bedrooms, which manage very cleverly with the sloping roofs. The interior of the loft is often a big challenge, but if you think creatively and forget your imagination, that should not be a problem at all. Create an interesting design puzzle with the furniture to maximize the living space. Use the space directly under the sloping ceilings for low deep cabinets and shelves that will compensate for the slants. Arrange on it beautiful works of art, your favorite books or simple houseplants. The bed should be placed so that when you get up, your head does not hit the ceiling. If the living space is very small, think about open shelves above the headboard, which you can decorate with beautiful pictures and candlesticks.

bedroom-cozy-set-as-wall tiling-attic

White wall cladding made of wood looks particularly romantic in the bedroom on the top floor

An important point in things Attic furnishings are the skylights themselves. They provide natural light all day long, creating an airy and spacious atmosphere even in the smallest living spaces. Design a cozy reading corner under a skylight with a comfortable armchair and a small side table. Also think about the hot summer and get blackout blinds or blinds for more comfort in your romantic loft bedroom.

bedside-in-Eastern-style-bedroom-flat carpet-yellow

Cozy bedroom in the attic with great accents in yellow

attic bedroom-attic-zweistackige-bette-in-yellow

The loft beds ensure more playing surface in the nursery

double bed-roof schrage-skylight-bedroom-penthouse

The red color brings a strong romantic touch to the bedroom

Loft great bedroom blue-bed wash-flat

Cozy bedroom under the roof slopes

bedroom-attic-brick wall-skylight-attic

Equip the roof windows with blinds made of darkening textiles, if you want to sleep well

small-bedroom-flat-retro look

Small bedroom in the loft in retro look

wall design-wood cladding-modern-bedroom-penthouse

Compensate the sloping ceilings with practical wooden cabinets


Rustic wooden beams create a special atmosphere in the attic


Bright classic-style bedroom in the loft


The strategic position of the bed under the skylight provides the perfect opportunity for reading and relaxing for hours.

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