Rolex watches - timeless luxury paired with modern functionality

Rolex watches - timeless luxury paired with modern functionality

Today, Rolex is a world-famous brand whose watches are synonymous with timeless luxury and modern functionality. But when we look back at the history of this watch brand, we find many interesting facts. The whole career of the company is astonishing, it clearly shows how a small entrepreneur from Switzerland has founded an empire, which has become today the undisputed market leader in the luxury watch segment and enjoys ever new popularity. When in 1908 Hans Wilsdorf patented the name Rolex, hardly anyone knew him. And what exactly the word Rolex means has remained a great mystery to this day, with many stories and even rumors surrounding it. But these could never disturb the advance of the Rolex watches for 110 years. The elegant and high-quality timepieces have quickly conquered the world market and prevailed worldwide with their top quality.

rolex daytona cosmo-graph

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona - precision and reliability in one


A Rolex for the demanding man

Now you're probably wondering what makes the Rolex watches so special and what exactly they have, what other watch brands do not have. The answer to all these questions can be quite short: Rolex is the epitome of luxury. The watches of this brand have their classic design that combines refinement and modernity in itself. The expressive look of the Rolex watches can be described as timeless. The inescapability and grandeur of their execution make the hearts of millions of people who always dream of these high-quality wristwatches beat faster. Rolex's top-of-the-line products are crafted from the finest gold and durable stainless steel, and continue to delight new customers with the fineness of their manufacture. But appearances are deceptive, people often say in this country. Yes, but not with the Rolex watches! The world famous brand offers luxury watches for every taste and lifestyle.


Rolex Date - the bill is not deceptive!

In addition to the perfect look, Rolex's world-class timepieces have much to offer. Their production uses the latest technical innovations in the field of modern watches. All models are waterproof and can perfectly withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. But that's not enough for the famous brand, because you pay attention to the smallest details. The Rolex watches measure the seconds, show current information such as date and day of the week, second time zone also, and are equipped with other technical features.


Rolex Datejust - Enjoy the pleasure of wearing this Rolex watch on your wrist!

There are super attractive offers for men and women. Are you looking for an attractive model for yourself or do you want to pleasantly surprise a loved one? In both cases we would like to help you and give you good tips. Visit the online shop of and admire the rich assortment there. On this website you will find exactly what you need. From the variety of first-class watches you can choose the right model. Do you like the classic design of the Oyster Perpetual collection better than the elegance and timeless design of the Cosmograph Daytona series? Do you prefer the technical characteristics of the Submariner or do you like the multifunctionality of the Sky-Dweller models better? Many people find the charm of the Rolex Date Day watches irresistible, others prefer the purist design of the Air King collection or opt for sporty jewelry. The selection is really huge and you can choose freely according to your own preferences and individual preferences.


The synonym for luxury and sublime lifestyle

You may want to express your feelings in a non-typical way and seek a gift for a loved one. With clock instinct you're exactly right, because a Rolex watch is an exquisite gift that says more than a thousand words. Discover the magic of giving and make a happy smile on the face of this person, who cherish and deeply love you!

rolex submariner ladies'

Discover the magic of precious gifts and delight the lady you care about.

If you have questions about the product range, favorable top offers and prices, the experts from Rolex will be pleased to assist you by e-mail and phone. You can also check with them about various possible payment methods and consider free shipping within Germany.
We wish you many happy days with your Rolex watch!


A Rolex is the perfect gift for a busy man


Every lady would be happy about such a piece of jewelry!

rolex cellini-date

Rolex Cellini Date - elegance and functionality go hand in hand

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