Rich colors and great wall decoration ideas

Rich colors and great wall decoration ideas

Today we present you a selection of beautiful wall designs in blue, purple and gold. These colors have a certain degree of noble elegance and can be combined well with each other.
In small steps, you can completely change the look of a room. Stylish wall decorations in the form of wallpaper, canvas pictures or wall tattoos result in breathtaking, imaginative room designs! How is a color change introduced into the modern facility?

In this article you will see an exciting mix of modern, unique wall motifs. Take a break and focus your attention on these great wall decorations.

Purple is a mysterious color that constantly re-awakens our curiosity. Used as an accent wall paint, Lila gives every room an elegant, classy touch.
The purple and purple tones are natural colors: exotic, magnificent flowers and berries bear this color. Retired, but still effective, the lavender appears. The lighter purple tones add a delicate touch to the home design. Combined with a warm ocher yellow, the complementary contrast looks harmonious and successful.

Interior purple wall design pattern chic

Deep purple wall paint makes the yellow sofa light up

For an ultimate glamor look, we rely on purple and silver. Cool elegance and romantic notes can be felt in such a living atmosphere. Exciting home accessories impress us with a nice appearance.

Console Indigo Blue Violet Decoration Article

Purple tones for a homelike ambience: luxury atmosphere and silver gloss

Blue is a real favorite among the wall colors. All its nuances have a calming effect and can be adapted to any living design.

Accent wall blue living room murals eclectic

The minimalist living room can be harmonious through the accent wall

In the form of fashionable photo wallpaper one discovers another alternative to decorate the monotonous white wall. Since a wall decoration influences the whole look in the room, one can only put on an accent wall.

Wall design kitchen back wall flower motif white blue

Wallpaper with a delicate pattern for the kitchen wall

Mural home office birds tree blue

Freedom-loving birds accompany you in your creative work in the home office

Wall decal deer deer forest motif

Wall decoration with deer Picture brings nature right into the living room

Bring spring to your home with beautiful floral motifs! Our living examples show dreamlike facilities with nature motives. Trees and flowers are meaningful and seem breathtaking thanks to fairytale landscapes. They give a freshness kick especially in narrow rooms.

Bedroom accent wall non-woven wallpaper flower motif blue

Delicate flowering branches, as if painted by hand

Bathroom mural cherry blossom blue

Would you not like to have such a magnificent tree in mind?

The canvas prints are also a great temporary decoration solution. With their help, each room can be arranged thematically and redesigned as often as desired. If you follow the fashion, a matching wall decoration can enhance the end effect immediately. If you are often in the mood for a new wall paint, the canvas art is the easiest alternative.

Deco idea canvas picture retro motif yellow blue

Living idea for the modern home office with Art Deco canvas picture

The canvas prints make each room feel more comfortable and homely. With a tropical beach motif they contribute to the quiet, pleasant living atmosphere. The blue is serious and meditative, it has a relaxing effect and makes us think of carefree holidays by the sea.

Wall decoration mural modern sea beach

Fantastic acrylic painting as a generous wall design

A harmonious color combination can be found in summer sunsets. Their warm and hopeful sight is waiting all year round, so a picture of it in the living room would lighten the mood. Original and inexpensive wall decorations like these can be found everywhere.

Wall decor Canvas painting living room sunset

Stylish interplay of purple and its complementary color yellow


Gold attracts attention with its royal, radiant nuances. The gold tones and accents create a stylish, tasteful home design.

Wall decoration idea shiny stripes white gold dark brown

Shimmering grass wallpaper for a chic decor

The right wall decoration makes the walls even talk in the bare hallway! The lighting, as well as the mosaic pattern bring flexibility, as well as a few visual accents in the picture.

Modern corridor design wall decoration white blue

Bright idea for every corridor design

In the living room it may even go fancier with a geometric pattern. The candlestick radiates warm light and creates a vintage look.

Wall decor geometric pattern wallpaper bookshelf

Living idea for the modern home office with Art Deco canvas picture

The quest for individuality and uniqueness in home design has whispered to us these deco ideas. Get creative and look forward to a great end result!

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