Renovation of the living room - useful tips and creative ideas

Renovation of the living room - useful tips and creative ideas

As you know, the living room is the heart of every home or apartment. There is a big part of our everyday life, where the family meets and spends time together. Cozy hours in the living room are a matter of course for most people, because in this room the family is together, chatting, watching television, playing with the children .... In the living room we also welcome our dear guests and welcome them with a bottle of wine. It is certainly not necessary to emphasize that this space has to fulfill several functions at once. For this reason in particular, it must be particularly harmonious, very warm and inviting, full of cosiness and comfort.


Everyone wants a living room full of comfort and coziness

Surely everyone wants a dreamlike living room where they like to stay with family and friends. In order for you to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable living room, you have to improve and modernize your look every few years. In old homes, the living room is usually quite small, it is in most cases not bright enough and does not look comfortable at all, despite much effort in terms of its modernization. Many homeowners are trying to take some measures to improve the living room, but the end result can not satisfy them. We have a better tip for you to escape the vicious circle of constant rebuilding: a complete one Renovation of the living room would be the solution! Yes, this is a serious project that should not be taken lightly. You do not need to be afraid of the numerous renovations, because nowadays everything is much easier compared to years ago. First, understandably, you have to check the current state of the living room and make sure to plan the work in detail. It must be clear in advance what should be done in the room so that it becomes a pleasant and modern living environment. As you can proceed with the renovation work, we now like to show:

living room-renovate

Do you already have an exact idea how to renovate your living room?

Reasonable planning and well thought-out organization of the renovation work are indispensable

As already mentioned, one must first check the current state of the living room and only then determine what is absolutely to be done. Make a list of the necessary tasks so nothing can be forgotten. After you know the extent of the renovations, you can organize them more easily. Would you need help or can you do it all on your own? If you do not want to do everything on your own, you have to take care in good time to hire enough active helpers. In addition, before the start of the renovation works, the best time has come to clear the living room. All unusable and outdated pieces of furniture must be cleared away, because they can by no means enroll in a modern interior design. Try these things on online forums or at the flea market or take them to the recycling center right away. You have to decide that yourself. Good planning also includes the procurement of the necessary materials, so that every day you have what you need.

apartment-renovation-living room

Reasonable planning and brilliant organization lead to the best result

From the ceiling to the floor everything has to be planned and executed correctly

During the actual renovation work you have many design options available. Our advice here is: Start from the ceiling and walk gradually to the floor. To make the living room look brighter and more spacious, most people choose to repaint the white ceiling. Inappropriate wood panels or styrofoam boards are totally outdated and no longer appropriate. If you had such a ceiling cladding up to the complete renovation, you must remove this immediately.

cover disguise

It's best to start with the blanket and you can not go wrong with the renovation!

When designing your wall you are surely spoiled for choice - paper or paint? What would be better and cheaper for you? Both design methods have their pros and cons and must be properly considered. Set your priorities and express your taste and style! We can only advise you to put on light or neutral wall colors. If you choose wallpaper, then subtle patterns and tinted colors are recommended again. The wallpapers are often preferred because they can hide any bumps on the wall well, and that is an undoubted plus point. Soundproof and heat-insulating wallpapers are now available on the specialist market, bringing with them additional benefits. The painting may seem cheaper, but there the preparation work is much more elaborate. Because the walls must be in perfect condition, that is all cracks, bumps or other defects must be corrected in advance. And when we write about wall design, we can not forget the wall insulation in any case. Inquire in more detail if you want to lower your energy and heating costs!


Neutral colors always have a calming effect on eyes and soul

For each complete renovation of the living room also includes a transformation of the floor. The best and most preferred options here are parquet or laminate flooring. Tiles are easy to clean, but not particularly suitable for the living room. Parquet flooring is visually appealing, characterized by good durability and durability and is therefore a great choice for many homeowners. Laminate is currently available in a variety of different looks, it is easier to lay and is cheaper than parquet. Only you can decide which flooring fits your living room better and more closely matches your style and taste.

tiles-in-living room

Please no tiles in the living room! Laminate floor and elegant wood furniture are the best choice.

Furnishing and design of the living room

Yes, here you finally reach the last, super important step of your living room renovation. Surely you would now like to place new and modern furniture in your brand new living space, right? Choose a matching seating group that suits your taste and style and fits nicely into the living room. Do not forget to determine their location correctly, depending on dimensions and function. All seated users must face each other to facilitate the flow of communication. That's why we recommend a corner sofa and a pair of armchairs that go well with any modern interior design. Designing a rug under the coffee table would also be a great idea! And chic floor lamps, elegant wall lights and other modern lighting fixtures are a must here. They make the ambience even more attractive and wider. Last but not least, with the help of some modern decorative items, you have to give your newly renovated living room the finishing touch and transform it into a cozy ambience.

living room

Now is the best time to clear the living room.


Create a comfortable living atmosphere that radiates a lot of warmth

Congratulation! They have done quite well with the complete renovation! Or not? Maybe there is something else that confuses and confuses you, and you have some fear or doubt about starting the renovation work? Most homeowners try to make a big impact with little effort. They want to do everything within a small budget. In most cases, this is a wrong strategy and ultimately does not lead to the desired end result. Or you can not cope with your current financial situation? But do not let your head hang because here you will be offered help again. Inform yourself Score compass about how you can be notified of your finances at any time or can get a cheap loan for your renovations. What is left? Now roll up your sleeves and get to work! Make your dream of a modern living room come true!
We wish you a successful and enjoyable time in the renovation of your living room!

designer living room-table

If you have a limited budget, you can find out about cheap financing options.

living room-renovate-gorgeous-design

Enjoy the result of your renovation and spend many pleasant hours in a modern and stylish ambience!

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